Mar 7, 2012

One Piece 659 Confirmed Spoilers, Prediction Spoilers, Raw Scans

One Piece 659
Here as a prediction spoiler by our nakama : Black Leg Sanji!
One Piece 659 : Master "M"

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One Piece 659
Title : Master "M"
Verification : Fanfic Spoiler/Prediction
Credits : BlackLegSanji

PG 1

Hazmat Man:*shooting a gun* its one human and one robot!! dont stop!!
Kids:*run around crying*wwhaaa, they wont stop shooting!!!
Franky:*using his arms to block bullet fire* Just hurry and follow the woman!!
Kids:*star eyes* yes sir, Mr. Cyborg!!

PG 2

Sanji:*kicks a large number of hazmat men* Party Table: Kick Course!!
Hazmat Men:*fall to the ground and walls*
Samurai Head: Oi!!!! stop knocking them out!! I have to ask them about Momonosuke!!
Sanji: We have bigger problems shitty samurai!!!
Hazmat Men:*some more enter the room and some of the defeated ones get back up*
Sanji:*glares* damn.

PG 3

Nami:*running with Chopper and the kids* Where is an exit? Or at least another door?
Giant Boy: There's a one door the men use when ever they feed us. We aren't allowed to go near it.
Nami: That's probably our best bet.

PG 4

Hazmat Man:*bursts through the door they were running to* Stop right there!! Go no fur-
Chopper:*kung fu kicks him in the face and sends him flying back*Hiyyaa!!
Boys:*star eyes* awsome Tanuki!!!
Chopper:*stands on the man and poses*hiiiiiiya.
Boys:*cheer for him*
Nami: Stop messing around!!!!

PG 5

Nami/Chopper:*run down a large hallway with the children following*
Franky:*notices the room is empty of kids* hey Sanji, they all got out.
Sanji:*smokes as he steps on a man's head* good. Because more are still coming.
Hazmat Men:*stop attacking and stand at attention*
???: Who the hell do you people think you are letting my test subjects go free.
???: Well? Answer me!!
Sanji: What the hell is that?!

PG 6

Luffy:*stands infront of the lake separating the two islands* We made it!! Shave ice here we come!!!
Usopp: Hey captain, the crew is in danger remember?!
Zoro:*dips his hand in the water* The water is warm. Not blazing like it was near the shore.
Robin: It'll probally be slightly chilly on the other side. This island truelly is remarkable.
Zoro: So how do we get over there?

PG 7

???:*the half bird woman* Why dont you just fly over it.
Usopp:*points at her* AAHH!!! Its the bird woman!!! See I told you!!!
Luffy:*star eyes* cool!!! Hey wanna join my crew?
Usopp:*slaps him* AGAIN WITH THIS?!
Robin: Hello. Who and what are you?

PG 8

"A": Fufufu, you may call me "A". As for what I am: an angel of course.
Usopp: Dont mess with us!! You're just another centaur!!
"A":'re no fun. Fufufu.
Luffy: hey, do you poop?
"A":*smiles* yes.
Usopp:*sulks* so exhausting.....

PG 9

"A":*she jumps up and glides over them* You 4 actually seem pretty interesting. You should meet our master.
Zoro: And who is that?
"A": Fufufu, the greatest mind on this island. *with a sea king expression on her face* He's beyond human.

PG 10

Sanji:*is collapsed on the ground*
???:*hovering about* Thats one down.
Franky:*on one knee* Shit!!! *launches rockets* Franky Rocket Launcher!!!
???:*melts the rockets as soon as they approach him* Stupid machine.
Hazmat man: No more master. Let us handle thi-

PG 11

???: *forms a hand and drives it through its mask*
Hazmat man:*cries in pain as his face is smoking*aaahhh!!!! it burrrrnnnss!!!
???: Dont you dare try to tell me what to do!!
Franky:*aims at him* Only one option. Franky.....
???: huh?!

PG 12

Franky:*shoots his laser beam* Radical Beam
???/ Hazmat Men:*get blown back*
Franky:*grabs Sanji and runs away*

PG 13

Master "M":*the blob takes the form of a man with spikey hair* Escape? No one escapes Master "M"!!
Franky:*running* Hold on Sanji. Im gonna get you to Chopper. Just hang in th- *he stops when Master "M" jumps infront of him*?!
Master "M":*grins crazilly*
Franky: damn it!! Are you a logia?

PG 14

Master "M": logia? Sorry, but I'm far worse than some lowly human of nature. All credit goes to that damn Vegapunk!!!
Luffy:*waves to "A"* thanks for the lift birdy.
"A":*flies away* dont mention it.
Usopp:*with his hat back on and rubbing himself alittle* I cant believe she took us to the other side.
Zoro:*with his clothes back on* It is kinda suspicious.

PG 15

Robin:*with a coat on* She said the others are on a straight path from here.
Luffy: alright. lets go!!
Leggy:*thinking* How the hell did I get in this mess?

PG 16

Master "M": take them both to my lab with the others. The rest of you, go and find those children.
Hazmat Men:*salute* Yes sir!!!
Master "M":*rubs his head and goes back to his blob form* Bring one back to my study. I got excited and used too much power again.

PG 17

Master "M": *thinking*Vegapunk!!! I refuse to die until you pay for what you did to me 4 years ago!!!


One Piece 659

One Piece Spoilers  One Piece Raw Scans

Be it a spoiler or just predictions,  I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.


  1. glad ur back black leg sanji... love this one, keep it up! :P

  2. It's good but I don't think Sanji would have lost espcially since they just got to the new world and he's part of the monster trio

  3. lol.. not meant about sanji of one piece, was talking about the author of this fanfic spoiler/prediction.. ;P anywyas, im looking forward about the fight against the admirals 2 yrs ago and this master m who is a failed subject of vegapunk...


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