Mar 7, 2012

Naruto 577 Confirmed Spoilers, Predictions, Raw Scans

Naruto 577

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Naruto Spoilers ♦ Naruto Raw Scans

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Naruto 577 : Senju vs Uchiha
Verification : Prediction Spoiler/Fanfic
Credits : Tobitobi
Source : NF

Tsunade has kindled her will of fire...!!

Madara and The Kage's

Madara: ... That's more like it, Senju...
Show me this "will of fire" that you speak of...
Tsunade: ... I suggests you prepare yourself...

Tsunade charges with electricity. She uses it to enhance her speed and reflexes like with A.

A: She's using Raiton no Yoroi...!! And what's more... Her chakra reserve is huge... Even greater than my own, and it's still growing!!

Tsunade is continuing to charge up...
Madara: (Her sheer fierceness is just like Mito's... What a waste of talent)
Tsunade sets up to charge Madara. She closes in on him before he notices...
Madara: This speed...!!

Tsunade attempts to attack the back of Madara's neck with Ranshinshō, to distort his chakra pathway system. Madara spins out of the way just in time and tries to counter.

Madara: Kato-
Tsunade disappears and Madara is confused for a moment.
A: ...!!

Tsunade kicks Madara in the head from his right and sends him flying. Madara's head is nearly detached from his body from the kick. He is surrounded in Susa-no-o's armor.

Madara uses Susa-no-o to create a huge fireball made of Amaterasu's flames.
Madara makes his Susa-no-o throw it at her at full speed.

Tsunade: It's too fast...!!

The fireball apparently hits where Tsunade was and creates a huge round hole in the earth from it's attack.

Madara: (Bullseye...)
Madara looks at the hole and it starts to shake...
Madara: ...!!
The Amaterasu flame is sent back flying towards Madara at the same speed that he sent it!!
Madara: How can she...!?

Madara doesn't quite avoid it and his right arm and some of his torso was cleanly burned away from the circular ball of flames.

A humanoid figure is on top of Katsuyu as they climb out of the hole. It has no skin or hair... Just a skeleton with muscle tissue and organs. Madara is looking down at it whilst regenerating.

Madara: (...! She actually grabbed a hold of it and then threw it back, and used the creature's slime as a sort of glove to rip her burning skin off knowing that she could regenerate later... Pretty clever...)

Tsunade makes a hand seal.

Tsunade: Sōzō Saisei...!
Tsunade's skin and hair returns... She is naked, but we only see her face as she stares at Madara.
Tsunade's outfit produces from Katsuyu's body.
Katsuyu: Here you go Tsunade-sama
Tsunade puts her clothes on.
Tsunade: That was a close one...

Onooki: (In all of my years I've never seen such frightening determination...!! Is this truly the will of fire of Konoha...?!)

Madara: ... I'm very impressed by your moves... However, this fight is over...
A huge snake appears under Madara.
Madara: This isn't Manda...
Kabuto: It is... basically... Don't worry about the particulars... This Manda will certainly impress you...
Tsunade: ...

Itachi and Sasuke...

Sasuke: Edo Tensei...??
Itachi: ... See you later, Sasuke...
Sasuke: Wait... I have one more question... I will continue to follow you until you answer it...
... I need to know what happened that day...

Itachi finally stops and looks at Sasuke...

Itachi: ...
Why would you want to know that...?
Sasuke: ... Because I need to confirm something...
Itachi: ...

Alright, but I advise that you seek only comfort and wisdom from this...
... And I will rush, for time's sake...

Itachi activates his mangekyou sharingan and looks at Sasuke
Itachi tells the truth of what happened on the day of the Uchiha massacre!!


Naruto Spoilers ♦ Naruto Raw Scans

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  1. Sounds good.. dontknow how true but damn nice if the chapter is like this!

  2. sasuke will regain his mind and realized that what he have done. he learned that naruto have been battled with different level of foe. i am sure sasuke going to find naurto and ask him to be Team 7 again.


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