Mar 12, 2012

Naruto 578 Confirmed Spoilers, Prediction Spoilers, Raw Scans (ver 1)

Naruto 578
Naruto 578 Prediction Spoile is out!

Naruto Confirmed Spoilers ♦ Naruto Predictions
Naruto Spoilers ♦ Naruto Raw Scans

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Naruto 578 : Last Stand
Verification : Prediction Spoiler/Fanfic
Credits : USSJ Future Trunks
Source : NB

*kages vs madara*
tsunade begins to fade away.
tsunade - what...the..? impossible..
madara - this is a legendary item that belonged to the very first hyuga, the grandson of the sage of six paths. a sword that instantly cuts off the chakra flow of the opponent when stabbed, slowly killing them.
tsunade gasps as her byakugo fades away.
gaara - it's not over. imperial desert missile!
gaara forms a spear made of sand and throws it at madara. he is impaled in the hashirama boob.
gaara - mizukage!
mei - right! lava release: lava prison!
madara starts getting surrounded by lava, and his eyes turn to swirls.
before the lava can encase him, a force of tremendous gravity repels the lava.
a - what was that?damn rinnegan!
A shunshin's into madar and begins to pound him relentlessly.
*shinra tensei*
A is pushed off of madara, who starts to regenerate. A - so that's his power. gravity repulsion and pulling. we could use tsunade's help right now.
gaara - yeah but she's..what?
tsunade's arm moves.
madara - no impossible. her chakra points were completely cut off!
tsunade pushes herself up.
madara - is it possible she recovered with sheer willpower? WHY? i am the strongest!
tsunade - hehe. the will of fire is more important than how much chakra you have.
madara - you still going on about that?
tsunade - i proved it to you just now...
madara - tch. i've had it with all of you.
madara swings his arm around.
*bansho tennin*
tsunade is pulled into him with stuning speed.
madara - now for the end. human path!
tsuande screams as her soul is beginning to be ripped out but mei and onoki come to her rescue. mei's dragon flood suiton grabs tsunade's body and onoki jintons away half of madara's body. with only his head and arms left, he starts screaming.
he clasps his hands together and floats up in the air.
tsunade - oh no..this is the move pain used to destroy konoha...
onoki - i'l stop-ugh!
onoki falls to the ground, out of chakra.
gaara - tsuchikage-dono's finished! he has nothing left!
mei - if this keeps up...we're all going to die...damn it if only the others can stop the person using the edo tensei...
madara - chou shinra tensei!
the battlefield is nuked. like jiraiya before her, tsunade begins pouring her chakra into gaara and leaves a final message, whispered in choked breath.
tsunade - get out of here...and tell naruto...about madara's abilities.
gaara nods solemnly.

*tobi battlefield*.
naruto is in sage mode.
naruto - i can feel it...the kages are gone....tsunade..i'm sorry.

madara watches gaara flying away on his sand.
madara - hn. guess i can afford to let one get away. what the?
a coffin appears in the air, muu holding it from behind. the coffin closes shut and madara vanishes.

*kabuto's hideout*
kabuto - you think it'd be so easy to just take control of me do you?
itachi - that was my plan but...
kabuto - i have one last trick i'd like to show you.
a coffin rises up from the ground.
kabuto - the real uchiha madara.
itachi - r-real? that masked bastard was lying?
kabuto - ignorance is a vice, my dear boy. i'll be capturing that brat behind you and avenging orochimaru sama once and for all!
itachi - might be harder than you thought. think hard on why you could never find shisui's body, kabuto.
madara (in the coffin) - what's going on? where am i?
he steps out, susano still active. sasuke steps out of the shadows.
sasuke - rinnegan..and susano?
madara - what is this shit, kabuto?
kabuto - calm down madara. i brought you a much better challenge than those kages.
madara - sure?
kabuto - see for yourself.
sasuke's EMS shines in the darkness.
madara - so my bloodline lives. the permanent mangekeyo should only be able to be achieved by those of my descent. this will do nicely.
sasuke - there is no more bloodline, madara. i am the last living uchiha.
madara - WHAT?
itachi - they all died by my hand.
a sword shoots out of susano and hits itachi who can't guard himself in time.
itachi - n-no way...that sword...madara had it this whole time?
madara - indeed. and unlike that old hag, you won't be willing yourself back. murdering scum.
sasuke - ITACHI!
his uchiha blood comes to a boil.
madara - my really are of my blood.
itachi is motionless on the ground.
itachi - my..chakra's...blocked off..
sasuke - i'll kill you both!
madara - do you plan to do that boy? i'm immortal!
kabuto - w-wait! madara i'm sensing another chakra! this..cannot...

voice - geez....that itachi's having trouble. maybe it's time i joined the game.
a new MS swirls.
uchiha shisui - madara will pay for this!

text: shisui is alive! but who's side is he on?

Naruto Spoilers ♦ Naruto Raw Scans

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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