Mar 12, 2012

One Piece 660 Confirmed Spoilers, Prediction Spoilers, Raw Scans

One Piece 660
Here as a prediction spoiler by our nakama : Black Leg Sanji!
One Piece 660 : Centaur Company

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One Piece 660
Title : Centaur Company
Verification : Fanfic Spoiler/Prediction
Credits : BlackLegSanji

PG 1

Smoker: Don't try to change the subject Law. Besides, I'm here to do my job. The Strawhat Crew are on this island.
Law:*grins* They are? Well you better hurry up and find them. I doubt they'll stay out of trouble for long.
Smoker: damn you.
Tashigi: Smoker-san, some of our troops have spotted "Soul King" Brook running on the island. They are currently trying to subdue him, but they are having trouble.
Smoker: I see. Go and assist them Tashigi.
Tashigi: yes sir!!

PG 2

Smoker: You and I aren't done talking Law.
Law:*sighs* I see. Then come inside I suppose, Smoker ya.
Inside Biscuit's Room
Sanji:*smoking* I wonder where they went.
Franky: They started whispering and next thing you know they super bolted.

PG 3

Sanji: Oh well, lets catch up with Nami-san.
Franky: right.
In Vegapunk's old lab
Nami: Yes, I found my weapon.
Giant Girl: Big sis!! The spacemen are here!!
Hazmat Man 1:*running at them with 2 men as back up* Dont let them get away!!
Hazmat Man 2: Stop!! We have to go!! The marines are here!!
Hazmat Man 1: Shit!! Alright let's go!!

PG 4

Giant Boy: They ran away.
Chopper:*in brain point* I wonder why?
Nami: They said the marines are here. I guess they aren't affiliated with them.
Sanji/ Franky:*run to the lab with the severed head in Franky's arms*
Boys:*star eyes* Mr. Robot!!!

PG 5

Franky:*poses* You guys alright?
Boys:*star eyes* Yeaahh!!!
Chopper: those men stopped chasing us and ran. I think their hiding from the marines.
Sanji: Marines? So they aren't allies?
Severed Head: Are you all stupid?
Crew: huh?

PG 6

Severed Head: Punk Hazard has been put off-limits to anyone by the Government. Anyone found here will be arrested if found by the Marines. This place should be uninhabitated by anyone or anything.
Nami: I see. Whoever those people are don't want to be caught.
Girl: Hey big sis!! I found an exit to outside, but its really cold.
Nami: good. There are some jackets over there. They're big but they will have to do.

PG 7

On the border of the Ice Lands and Burning Lands

Usopp:*with his hat on* Please Listen to us!! Zoro is not the samurai who hurt your friends!! We came here to help you actually!!
Boss Nessus:* a large centaur with a black horse lowere body. He was muscular, wearing no shirt. He wore a dark cape draped over his shoulders. He had a thick goatee and a black ponytail. He carried a sword as large as him* And why should I believe you normal legged human?
Info Box: Boss of Centaur Company: "Sea Guardian" Nessus Grant
Centaurs:*glare at them and stand ready to attack*

PG 8

Robin:*fully dressed* Please understand, Centaur-kun. We came here when one of your commrades contacted our ship in search for you. We merely came here to be of assistance.
Boss Nessus:*nods* I see. I fully understand little lady.
Usopp:*angry* I JUST SAID THAT!!!!
Boss Nessus: Excuse me for my ignorance Swordsman. Please, all of you follow us to our base.
Luffy/ Zoro:*fully clothed* base?

PG 9

Centaur Company HQ:* a square building with ice covering it and "CC" on the roof.

Luffy: Hey!!! Why are you taking away Leggy?!
Boss Nessus: Though we mistook your friend as the samurai, there is no doubt those legs belong to him.
Luffy:*complains* But I want to be a centaur!!!
Usopp:*pats his shoulder* Let it go Luffy.
Centaur Soldier: Boss, the dinner table is ready.
Luffy:*drooling* Dinner?!
Robin:*giggling* that was quick.

PG 10

Boss Nessus/ Crew:*sit down and eat sea king meat*
Centaur Soldiers:*stand guard around the table and building*
Luffy:*eating* This is good. Is this all centaurs eat Usopp?
Usopp:*eating* I cant be for certain, but they might.
Zoro: Hey Boss Centaur, tell me more about this samurai.
Boss Nessus:Well he came here yesterday without warning.....

PG 11

Boss Nessus:*talks while flashing back to the samurai cutting his men* He was strong and ruthless. We even tried talking to him, but his eyes and ears were shut off by rage. He kept asking for someone while cutting down our men.
Zoro:*drinking* Then what happened?
Boss Nessus: He ran away after my men outnumbered him. He ran off to the PH-006 building and we lost him. If I'm right about those legs belonging to him, then he probably ran into the Warlord who comes here from time to time.
Robin: They were talking of a warlord. What warlord is stationed here?

PG 12

Boss Nessus: "The Surgeon of Death" Trafalgar Law. Despite the law made by the government for no one to enter the island, he freely visits and vacations here.
Luffy: Law? That's who saved me and Jinbe from Marineford. He's a warlord now?
Boss Nessus:*nods* indeed.

PG 13

Outside of CC base

Centaur Soldier 1:*looks* Hey, what's that?
Centaur Soldier 2: don't know.
Brook:*running at them in fear*AAAHHHH!!!!!!
Centaur Soldiers:*freak out* A GHOST SKELINGTON!!!!!
Torso:*jumps between Brook and the soilders*
Centaur Soldier: Is that?!

PG 14

Brook:*cries in fear* Please leave me alone!!!!
Torso:*jumps at Brook and tries to attack*
Centaur Soldiers:*hit it down with clubs*
Brook:*sighs* thank you.

PG 15

Brook: Luffy-san!!
Luffy: Brook!! Why are you here?
Brook: I was going to wait at the ship, but a torso attacked me with swords.
Boss Nessus:*examines the torso as it is tied up* Just like the legs. Put the torso in a separate cell until we find the head as well.
Centaur Soldier: Yes sir!!

PG 16

Usopp: Mr. Centaur, the rest of our crew is missing. Mind helping?
Boss Nessus: ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!
Usopp:*scared* ok....
Robin: Mr. Centaur, the rest of our crew is missing. Mind helping?
Boss Nessus: of course.
Usopp:*angry* HE DID IT AGAIN!!!!
Brook: you seem stressed Usopp-san.

PG 17

Tashigi: I can't believe how weak you men are.
Marines:*on the ground defeated*
Marine: It wasn't our fault Tashigi-chan. The pirate was being chased by a torso. It cut us down before we could follow.
Tashigi:*confused* Torso?


One Piece 660

One Piece Spoilers  One Piece Raw Scans

Be it a spoiler or just predictions,  I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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