Nov 24, 2010

One Piece 605 Confirmed Spoiler : Kraken & Prirates

One Piece 605
Kraken & Pirates 
Status:  Confirmed

Cover: A raccoon is painting as Chopper models for him.

Part 1
Strawhats have a chat (about taming the Kraken?), and despite Usopp’s plea to stop, no one listens to him.
Coriboo comes for his bro, but is immediately caught by the Kraken and his bubble pops. They are out of the battle for now. 
As the Cariboo gang floats towards the surface, Zoro comments they look like jelly fish. 
Cariboo: Shut up, Roronoa!!! 
The Strawhats get an idea by Cariboo on how to fight the Kraken. 
Zoro, Sanji, and Luffy make themselves a temporary bubble coating, and flaps through the ocean. 
The other crew members stay behind on the ship, and showcase their growth and defends the ship 
Luffy uses Gear 3 and CoA to punch Kraken, but because he is in the sea his powerless to do so. 
(The arm is outside of the coating) 
Sanji jumps out of the bubble and attacks with a swiftness rivaling fishmen, and uses his Diable Kick! 
Zoro uses a santouryuu special attack, Rokudou no Tsuji and cuts a leg off, 
and finally Luffy punches the Kraken with Gomu Gomu Elephant Gun! 
A shark wearing clothes appears from inside the Kraken. 
Zoro/Sanji/Luffy get caught in the downstream along with the Kraken, and falls to the depth 
The crew chase after them with the Sunny, but it seems they lost them. 

Part 2
The crew chase after them with the Sunny, but it seems they lost them.
Franky’s nipples light up. NIPPLE LIGHT.
Currently they are 7000 meters under the surface.
Elephant Gun is a huge Gear 3 punch coated with CoA to strengthen it.
Kraken is fighting back because he was attacked
He was knocked out by Luffy’s attack.
They said even Shark Submerge would get crushed 7000m under the surface
The shark wearing clothes doesn’t look like a fishman, but a pretty large shark
Probably Pappag’s brand since it says CRIMMIN on it
Only thing known about the shark is that it came out of the Kraken

As for CoA, when Luffy used it to harden his punch, his arm turned black
Looks reayy hard. Even though his arm is in the ocean and he’s losing power, it was still very powerful.
Details on the the kick-swimming coating
From leg down is a bubble coating fitting to the body shape.
From knee up is a regular bubble.



The actual episode has been released:


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