Nov 24, 2010

Bleach 428 Confirmed Spoiler

Bleach 428
Bleach 428 Spoiler
Bleach 428 Confirmed Spoiler
Bleach 428 Raw

Bleach 428 
Status: Confirmed
Credits: Ohana ◆IR7jauNn4E :2010/11/24(水) 16:20:40 ID:aL91FW7qP

The new guy's name is

Kinjou Kuugo.

Kinjou's group has 3 people.

One of them is a woman named Riruka. She's got a 'maid' look to her.

Another one is a man, he's got a 'butler' look, and a patch on his right eye. His name is '沓澤'

Kinjou: You don't know anything about your family

Ichigo: ????

Kinjou: Why don't we go look at Urahara Shouten

Urahara and Karin are talking

Urahara: So nothing's changed with your brother?

Karin: He's fine as he is now.~~~ Ichi-nii's always fought alone~~~

Ichigo, from the shadows

Ichigo: Why did Karin come out of Urahara Shouten...

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