Oct 12, 2010

One Piece 600 : New World - The Reunion (spoiler)

One Piece 600
Title:   New World - The Reunion

1st page

Sanji: Hey! Marimo!! Come & get down here!!
People: Woahhh!! the Galleon Cut into two!! who the heck this guy!!
Zoro: Huh! oh Darthboard-Eyebrow!!
Sanji: So!! what are you doing on that ship!! still getting lost again? huh? pathetic!!!
Captain Pirateshouting) You!! dammit what did you do!! to my ship!! dont ignore me you crap!!
Zoro: nAh!! Did you See luffy??
SanJI:”no!! rayleigh said robin and luffy r not yet arrive!!

2nd page

Zoro: (staring at the Pirate Captain and said) Any problem with that??
Captain Pirate: (Sweat in his face and cant move) dammit what hell is this feeling!!
People:: Waohh i thought theyre dead and yet their alive!! its them!! Pirate hunter Roronoa Zoro and Black Leg Sanji,!! im not mistaken!! its them!!
Sanji: What happen in your left eye?!!
Zoro: this is nothing (With a DEVIL Smile in his Face)

3rd page

chopperrunning) dammit robin was kidnap!! why you guys dont care anymore!! huhuhuuh Robiinnnnnnnn!!! i`ll save youh!!!
Chopper: (bump!!) ouch!! my head
Usop: huh? what the! Oh Woah!! Chopper!!(hug)
Name: Chopper!! I miss you (hug)
Chopper: usop!! huhu Nami huhuh!!
Nami: what happen chopper:???
Chopper: robin was been kidnap please help!! dammit luffy, zoro and sanji im dissappointed with them!
Usop/Nami: huh?!!

4th page

Brook: Manager! this is my last Concert! im must go now! sell a lots of recorded music!!
Manager: why you leave? this fun right?? but why!!
Brook: Coz im a bone!! Skull Joke!! coz my friend waiting for me!! thats why i need to go now!!

5th page:

Franky: Rayleigh explain how to make this coating and it works!! besides im the shipwright of this ship!
Robin: i see thats great another skills huh?!!
Franky: Not only that!! my new body!! and new weapon will rock you guys SUPEERSS!!(Crying Robin ignoring him)
Robin: Franky lets go!! to the bar lets me them!! (Grove 13)

6th pager

Chopper/Nami/Usop: (Walking)
Nami: (Explain to Chopper the truth) Those are fake Straw Pirates!! its seem theyre pretending like US!
USOP: yahyah!!
Chopper: isse damn them!! ill make them pay messing with me!!
Nami/Usop: (Smile and laugh!! ) lets go to bar

7th Page

Luffy: (Looking with his vivre card and smile) im coming guys!!
Zoro/Sanji: (Walking) goin to bar rayleigh’s place
Other Pirate/People: Dammit its them!! Pirate hunter Roronoa Zoro and Black Leg Sanji! i thought they’re dead!! if they are here which means? the Straw Captain!! is here!!
Brook: Pick up his thing and started to!! walk (goin to bar Grove 13)

8th-9th page

======At the Bar: (Shakky and Rayleigh)======

Rayleigh: Oh robin your here already Ahmm!!
Robin: thanks for your helpe!! Rayleigh-San
Rayleigh: Franky hows the ship? and the coating?!!
Franky: its great!! thanks a lot take care of our ship!! Anyway where everyone??
Shakky: Oh! they’re here
Nami/Usop/Chopper: Franky!!!!!!! Robin!!!!!
Franky/Robin: Suppeerr!!!!!! they’re Here!! already

====minutes past=====

BROOK: Yohohoho!! Hello everyone!!
Everyone:”Brook!! oh!!
BROOK: Ahmm!!excuse me!! Me i see you Panties???
NAMI: (hit brook) u never change after 2 years!! damn you!!
BROOK: (damn shes strong after 2 years) harsh harsh!! Nami-San!! Yohohoho

10th-11th page

====minutes again====SANJI & ZORRO arrive===================

Brook/Franky/Nami/Usop/Choper: Sanjiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! Zoro-kun(Brook)while Robin(Smile) (natural nature)
SanjiNami-swannnn!! Robin-Channnnn!!!! I misss you both!!! (Heart EYE)
Zoro: hm! Smile to everyone!! with single eye!
Nami: ask Zoro what happen to your left eye?
Zoro: Nah!!~~~Luffy is not yet here??!!
Shakky: hes not yet arrive(where that boy)
Zoro: (Sleep!!)
Rayleigh: . . . . . . . !??!!

======minute ago===Star ARRIVE=================

Luffy: everyone!!
Crew: Luffy!!
Nami: Crying!! hug luffy
Chopper/Usop: hug and also Crying(tears of Joy missing their Captain)
Robin/Franky/Brook: Captain!! SUPPPPPPPPEER!! where are now complete!!! Yohohoo!! Luffy-San
Luffy: Old-Man!! Thanks you so much!!
Rayleigh:Nah!! dont thank me!! its my destiny to train you that!! shanks give his left arm for you! so which mean he valued you so much!! hahahaha!!!

12th page

Marines: (Arrived in the Sabaody Archipelago together Sentoumaru and PX-5/7)
Pirates: Mariens are here!! Run!!!!!!!!!
Sentoumaru: hmm!! did you see them??
marines: (seen the Fake luffy at GR #46) Roger i see them the straw!! at GR #46
Sentoumaru: dont loss you sight on them!
Marines: Roger!!!!!
PX-5/PX-7: Shooting laser beam the pirate on their way!!!

13th page:

========Fake Strawhat: Zoro,Sanji,Luffy, Usop, Franky=======GR #46==========

Fake Sanji: marines are Following us!! Captain
Fake Luffy: Get them All!
========Big Shadow Appear======
========== PX-5 and PX-7 with Sentoumaru Appearing at back of Fake Luffy======
Sentoumaru!! Mugirawara Luffy!! your being big now after 2 years huh??!! Im the big mouth in the world!! you know!!
Fake Luffy: (Sweat all of his body)
Sentoumaru: Attack Fake luffy with a single blow using his Ashigara Dokkoi with haki (Fake Luffy Blown away and past out)
Sentoumaru! Pathetic not worthy! is that all you have?!!
PX-5 & PX-7: (Attacking pirates! using laser)

14th page:

===Luffy and the rest of the CREW together Rayleigh was on the #46 after leaving Shakky’s Bar!======

Luffy: (Saw Sentoumaru) Oh! Ahmm its him again
Sentoumaru: huh? who!? what? So your the Real one? Mugiwara Luffy
Zorro: Can i cut those with my sword??
Luffy: leave me that big mouth guy!!
Sanji:…… leave me One!!
Luffy: Chopper/Nami/Robin/Brook/Franky go now!! prepare the ship!! we can handle this!!
Rayleigh: (watching) Confident huh? (with Smile)
Crew’: Got it!! Take Care!

15th-16th page:

PX-5: Attack Sanji with laser!! But sanji dodge all laser attack with blink of an eye speed move!
Sanji: (New Technique) Kick the Head of PX-5 with a single blow!! PX-5 exploded!! the Head!
Pirate/People/Marines: Shocks!! what the hell he’s strong
Sentoumaru: Shock!! how did he!! how could it someone like him Defeated one of the Pacifista!!
PX-7: Attack Laser again to Zorro! But Deflected into his Sword the Laser(Zorro Sword imbued with Haki)
Zorro: Waving only one Sword! and a Big Slash Wave Create(NEW TECHNIQUE)!! and PX-7 Cut into two Piece and Exploded
Sentoumaru: (Sweat all over his face what are this guy now theyre even stronger since last we fought) Damn you!! Mugiwara

17th-18th page:

Luffy: Hey!! Im your oppenent right??!!!
Sentoumaru: Damn you!! pirates!!
Sentoumaru: (Attacking luffy using Ashigara Dokkoi but luffy dodge all the attack using his Kenbunshoku Haki)
Sentoumaru: Shocks! I cant hit him!! why? he knows all my moves!!
Luffy: use his Busoshoku Haki to deflect Sentoumaru attack!! (Sentoumaru Shocks again and sweat)
Sentoumaru: Use his BIG AXE to attack luffy but luffy Hold the tip of the AXE.
Luffy: (Shouted) Ahhhgrhh (AXE shattred into pieces and Sentoumaru Shocks)
Luffy: Grab the head of Sentourmaru and Bang in the Floor(just like Whitebeard vs Vice Admiral Ronse)
Luffy: (luffy’s hands imbued with haki) and Sentoumaru past out with a single blow!!
Rayleigh: Ahg!! impressive!! knows how to use the haki well!! impressive!!
Luffy: use Haoshoku Haki to the marines!! and all the marines past out!! (Except other pirates and People:
Pirates/People: What was that!! what was he do!!!! its true with this poster of STRAW HAT LUFFY 400,000,000 million beri.. a true power of that kid

19th page:

Rayliegh: it seems u master the 3 basic of haki luffy??
Luffy: yah!! thanks for this i could protect everyone!! thank you Raylieg-San
Rayliegh: and Zoro-kun and Sanj-kun are impressive too!!
Zoro/Sanj: (Smile)
Luffy: Let go in the MERMAID ISLAND!!


As the source said, this spoiler  has 99% chances of getting confirmed.
Well..... we shall see about that!

Japanese version will be provided if requested.


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  1. This is obviously a fan made prediction. This is terribly written, thank god it isn't real.

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    Thanks From Argentina!!. Very Good your prediction!

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    Obviously fake

  10. badly written isnt a good reason to say its real or not. a middle schooler or highschooler that read it and wanted to post it might have translated it and not know enligh really well.

    the chapter had a lot of stuff in it and im not sure if its real or fake... leaning towards fake considering how early it is and how other sites dont hav anything up yet... but it could be real i guess...

    just saying that u shouldnt rule things out due to badly written. its originally in japanese and the better you are at translating, the better it'll be written. same goes vice versa, if ur bad at translating, then it'll be badly written.

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    no way he could beat sentoumaru so easily. he probably knows haki too


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