Oct 13, 2010

One Piece 600 - Spoiler - CONFIRMED!

One Piece 600 
Island of Fresh Start

credits: Mr T @2ch
verification: Confirmed
translation: Aohige_AP

Cover: Zoro is holding a 1t weight on one arm, and the other is holding an aligator (or crocodile, same word in Japanese)  He’s practicing his swings.  The poor gator is crying.

Chopper is running around looking for Robin
Usopp finds him and Nami hugs Chopper in joy.
Chopper tells her he’s glad to see them, but Robin is in trouble.
The three get on a Sabaody bike, and Nami tells Chopper that Robin is fake.
Nami says becuse our captain’s become famous, this kind of stuff can’t be helped, it happens.

Fake Sanji and Fake Zoro are running around looking for Chopper, but they got tired and started walking.
Luffy approaches them.
Luffy says he should put on the fake stache afterall like Hancock said, since he’s supposed to stay put.
Fake Sanji realizes this man is the “kid wearing cloak” his boss (Fake Luffy) said to look for.

Zoro says he wants to go to the coast to fish.
Sanji tells him hell no, shit-head.
The usual argument starts
Sanji tells him everyone’s getting together, so just shut up and come with me to the ship!
Zoro tells him he was the 7th person to get there, how dare he orders around the first.
Sanji argues back why in the hell are you ranking people in the order they came!? Just because you were miraculously the first, don’t get cocky!

second half of ohana

Fake Luffy’s crew are gathering here. Lots of new pirate faces.
Fake Luffy: The reason why I gathered you all here is because some shmuck insulted me!! The perpetrators are somewhere on this archpelago!! Bring them in front of me!!
Fake Zoro, Fake Sanji, and Luffy arrives at the scene.
Luffy: You guys changed so much in 2 years! You became quiet too! I don’t remember you two being buddies like that
Fake Sanji starts wondering if this man is a real Strawhat
Fake Sanji tells the Captain they couldn’t find the real pet, but isn’t this the man you were looking for?

Brook’s live concert is in an encore. Marines arrive at the scene.
Marines: We know you’re a Rumber Pirate, and we also have information that you are a crew of the Strawhat Luffy! You’re under arrest!
The fans start crying
Brook’s manager arrives. He’s the one that told the marines.
Brook: Pirate Strawhat Luffy is alive!! He will one day become the King of the entire sea!! Guys, listen to my final Soul!!
The marines attempt to stop the live, but the fans stop the marines to listen to the song!

17G The Sunny
Chopper and Usopp are amazed at Franky’s body.
Everyone’s enjoying the reunion.
Shakky and Rayleigh arrives.
Shakky: I’ve wiretapped the Marines’ communication, so I’m sure of it… They think the fake Monkey-chan gang to be the real one, and making a big move on it. I’ve told Brook-chan about it with a den-den mushi.
Rayleigh: Nami-chan, you have to memorize how to operate a coated ship
Usopp: Things getting tense all of a sudden… and Luffy’s not here yet…
Rayleigh: Luffy’s already on the island.
Franky: I’ve already handed Sanji a den-den mushi, he’s with Zoro
Shakky: The Marines are already close by. So Monkey-chan is the only one we can’t get hold of? I’ll give you the vivre card. He’s coming towards that, right?
Rayleigh: 42G is good, it’s facing the ocean. Move the ship there, and gather everyone on it. We’re in a bit of hurry… but you’ve all gotten through this 2 years. This is the time for a fresh start!!

The new Journey begins!


For the raw scans, please see then below :

One Piece 600 is finally out, read it here:

One Piece 600 

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