Oct 12, 2010

Naruto 513 - Black Zetsu (Spoiler)

Naruto Chapter 513 
Spoiler / Prediction

Black Zetsu

Credits: Gakure


Naruto 513 - Black Zetsu

Raikage: Since the island is coming near the village, u shd be there in no time. If the need arises, we will send more backups.
Gaara: No need. I'll take Temari and Kankuro along
We then see some known faces in the allied forces.

-on the island-
Naruto: (Points at Gai) So what are we going to do with him, we have no medical ninja around. Shdnt we go and look for some….

Aoba: I’ll try my best but he is done for at least ae week
Naruto: Damn, he said he will help me with my study and the next moment he passes out.

Aoba laughs.

Naruto (Thinking): They still think I don’t know what’s going on. I’ll just play along for the time being. This Island is a living thing. I saw it whilst in SM fighting the Kyuubi.

Motoi: !!!!
Yamato: What’s wrong?
Motoi: Someone with a massive amount of chakra is approaching here and fast, with two others. Too soon. Re-enforcements shd be here soon to back us up but for now we go at it full force.

-Madara’s underground-
Zetsu: What were u thinking
Madara: Don’t worry, it’s not that I told him everything. Just the ones to keep him interested. Come on. Lets go see how sasuke is doing.

Madara(whist checking Checking sasuke vital stats): Well, well well. They have come along fine enough. I think its time to take the bandages off.

Sasuke slowly unveils his eyes. Looks around for a bit and then got really pissed.

Sasuke: How many people have u got here? I can feel Hundreds, no thousands of living things not exactly human underground.

Madara : Ah yes, I was gonna tell u. Come around, will u?

-where the 100k white zetsu’s are-
Sasuke: What are these?

Madara: My law enforces. They will enforce my rule after I have won this war. The Sharingans u see in the lab are also for them. I replicated as many as I can just for them. U, with the EMS will be their commander.

Sasuke looks irritated but says nothing.
Sasuke: So how do u plan to go against the allied forces.

Madara: Black Zetsu here is the answer to that. My fight with Hashi gave me the opportunity to steal his living tissue. Combining that with mine and the chakra of the three tails gave me the ability to create life, even though it is not in a perfect form. That is what u see in all these white zetsu. In addition to that, I also gain the ability to destroy life. That is black zetsu. Of course it comes with a lot of risk. But with all the tailed beast gathered, it wont be a dream anymore. Deep down below this 100k white zetsus is another 100k black zetsu meant for eradicating the allied forces and any force during the war. You will their ability when the time comes. But for now we head for Konaha.

Black Zetsu(thinking): I hope he isn’t stupid enough to tell him it was my abilities that poisoned Itachi and gave him that illness without itachi even knowing.

-on the island-
Motoi: They are here.

Three familier figures appear b4 them.
Gaara: Were u expecting somebody else.
A sign of relief rushed thru them as naruto approaches to talk to gaara.

-somewhere unknown-
Kabumaru is still mid air surrounded by water and cant help to think he has been deceived by Madara.

Kabumaru: Oh well, the allied forces shd be ready to busrt in the underground right about now. But I need to find Naruto and fast.

Just then he spots a messenger bird heading towards somewhere.
Kabumaru: There, huh. Ku ku ku. They gonna love this(as he follows the bird)

-what does Kabuto want with Naruto as Sasuke prepares to unleash his new found power on Konoha-


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