Oct 13, 2010

Naruto Chapter 513 Spoiler - CONFIRMED!

Naruto Chapter 513 

Kabuto VS Tsuchikage


Credits:  Ohana

According to the spoiler, the big snake is the Nidaime Manda who is bigger and stronger than the Shodai. Deidara believes he killed Sasuke and wonders why he’s alive right now. He calls tsuchikage old man/grandpa and Kurotsuchi comes along with tsuchikage. Deidara also keeps his personality when talking to Kabuto. Tsuchikage uses a Cero-like technique at the end.


Tsuchikage knows that what Kabuto is using is Edo Tensei. Deidara uses a an exploding clay bunshin on tsuchikage when he thinks he came across the real Kabuto and Deidara. Kabuto tells Deidara that further ahead is where Kyuubi and Hachibi are. Deidara says that he will take care of them because he has a score to settle with Naruto, but tsuchikage says otherwise. Deidara says now it looks bad because it looks like he pissed off the old man/grandpa. That’s when tsuchikage uses the Cero, and it ends.

If you happen to know how to read Japanese, you may read this:

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