Oct 4, 2010

The hidden drawback of Link Exchanges

Last time, I blog about the linking technique as a means of increasing our pagerank by way of the Secret Links.  It is really a good thing to do.  And if we are lucky to have exchanged links to a website with higher pagerank, we can greatly benefit from it too. We can juice-out some pageranks out of them the same as they do to us.

But the fact is, it does not happen overnight.  We have to wait for a few weeks or months for the juicy pagerank to increase.  And within that waiting period, we must make sure that the reciprocal link is there.  When I say  reciprocal links, our link should be present in our website or blog.  While their link should be present in ours as well.  That should be easy right.

Here's another fact:  sometimes, our partner website/s are quite naughty.  For the first few days we check, our link stayed in their website.  So we are satisfied with it.  However, a few days after, our partner website has remove the link.  Naughty as they are, most of them actually do this.  Without us knowing.

Now, what shall we do?  How do we know that this is happening in first place? 

Well, there are many ways to rectify the situation.  We must do a regular check on our link partners.  See if their link to us is still there.  And try to click it to verify that it really goes direct to our website/blog.  

If our link is NOT present in their website, there's no reason why we retain their link in ours.  

And if our website is listed in there, but doesn't rely link back to us, then by right, we should remove their link to ours as well.

Sounds easy.  Just do the link check maybe once a month, and it should be fine.

Another question actually crops up after this.  What if we have more than 50 link exchanges?  or 80? or 100?  or 200?  or even more!!?  Doing this manually would rather be very painful!  What should we do?

Well, there are softwares that can help us do this.   The one that i know of is SEO Elite.  It doesn't only help with checking backlinks, it also helps you a lot in becoming on top of search engines.  Check it out >  SEO ELITE.

You can also download the free eBook entitled : SEO Made Easy.  Again, this one's FREE!

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