Sep 2, 2010

The secret LINKS - SEO technique

As you have noticed a few weeks ago, i put up a Link List in the lower right panel of my blog site. I listed some websites - most of them not even related to my blog.  Maybe you thought this list is just nuisance.

Guess what, I actually put it there on purpose.

I've came across an article about Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  And this is one of the best techniques listed in the article.

As per Wikipedia, SEO is a process or a way of improving the visibility of a website in search engines via the natural or unpaid search results.  There are many ways to do this.  Examples are putting meta tags, headers, alt tags, back links, etc.  SEO is directly related with PageRank or PR. This so called PR is what Google uses to determine the importance of a website - a measure of importance.  If your SEO technique is good, your PR should also be good.  Good PR means top rank in search results.  Top search result means good traffic to your website.  And that's what we want!

If you make a Google search on the certain word, the first few websites in the search result is understood to have a   very hight PageRank.

Linking to other websites is also one way of doing this -- back links.  Literally speaking, the more website who are back linking with you, the more trusted your website becomes.  This back links turn out to become a positive vote to your website.  It's considered a good PR point.

You might ask why i need to put the links i my blog site (or website) when we should focus on making our site to be placed or posted in somebody else's site.  The thing is,  it's a give-and-take situation.  If you want me to put your website link in mine, you should also place my link in yours.

I wanted my blog site to at least be seen in somebody's Google search.  That's why i'm doing this Link List.

But how did i do it?  Where do we find some website to link to and and to link from?  I'll make your life easy.  See below some good options for you:
Ultimate Link Building
Link Building Black Book
Dominate Google!
How to get a TOP 5 Ranking on Google and Yahoo

What are you waiting for?

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