Oct 3, 2010

An Essential Hobby of the Jack

I am a fan of Naruto, Luffy of One Piece and Ichigo of Bleach. These are the top 3 of the 8 manga's that i have been following. I read them online every week, usually on Thurdays or Fridays when they are released for online viewing. It's either i read them in the office during breaktime or I read them at home before going to bed.

I'm a wide reader.

As a self-professed Jack of All Trades, reading is an essential hobby.  Reading manga is on top of my reading choices. It is really fun – most especially to imaginative people. But everyweek, when it becomes available, it would only take me 2 to 3 minutes to read them. Then I have to wait for another week for the next episode. 

So, in between episodes, what do i do? 

I love reading so I still read.  I've read the old Nick Carter books. I have read the Artemis Fowl series, the Harry Potter series, the Twilight Saga and the Golden Compass series. My brother laughed a me saying i am reading teenage books. I dont mind. I just read them. I love reading fantasy, fiction and detective books. 

The downside of this passion is on choosing the next book to read. When you go to a bookstore or a trift shop selling old books, you could see a lot of good books to read. In fact, you would think that all of them are very good to read. To choose one book only is very difficult. I wish there is a book shop who helps you choose the next book to read. Though it is very rare to find such type of a bookstore, i managed to know one. The in fact helped me to choose the book Angel by L. A. Weatherly. I admit, by reading the book synopsis, its a book fit for me to read. On top of that, the price was a steal!

I need to continue reading this book, so see you next time.

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