Sep 1, 2010

New Manga Releases in my blog

I like Manga so much.
It's one of my favorite pastimes - or shall we say, my favorite time killer!  :D

Before i go to work, i check for new releases.

And then when i arrive in the office, first thing to check is  my email.  Next to that would be checking for new manga releases again.  :D

Ding-dong!  12 noon - Lunch Break!
But before going out for lunch, i check for new manga releases again.

Oh, its almost 5pm - time to knock off from work.  Wait, wait, wait - I have to check my favorite manga again.

I agree, it does sound crazy.   I admit it.
But it seems my body is just acting by itself to do so (yeah, right!).


My favorite mangas are as follows :
1) Naruto
2) One Piece
3) Bleach
4) History's Strongest Deciple: Kenichi
5) Hajime no Ippo
6) Fairy Tail

I used to read all these from  But they stopped due to some strong and noble reasons, the website owners decided to shut it down.   Past scanlations are still available though. You can read all about it here >> OM Shutdown Update

I also have read some from  Because at some point in time, there releases come early than the others.

There is also  I usually check my 4th & 5th fave mangas in this site.  Reason behind is that i believe new releases for Kenichi and Ippo comes early in this website.

But then, i realized that is better.  And so, currently, i check my Naruto, One Piece, Bleach and Fairy Tail releases in here.  Sometimes they also include Kenichi in.

I'll try to include this in my blogging itinerary.   So expect me to post some manga updates latter on.
As of posting date, Sept 1, 2010, the following are the latest releases of my fave mangas:

And because MangaStream is as i said better (i believe), i put RSS feeds of the new releases into this humble blogsite of mine.  You can now see updated new manga releases of here (at the left side next below 'Categories').

I understand that its good to read it direct.  But i do hope you would drop by here to see some updates.
You may also SUBSCRIBE to my blog to receive email alerts on new manga releases.


O yeah.  Before i shutdown my laptop, i better check for new releases then.  :D

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