Sep 2, 2010

Sci Dama Board : how does it look like?

Yesterday,  my 10 year old daughter, Ate Bon, asked me and my wife to make a Sci Dama Board for her.  She need it in school the following day because she is a contestant to the sci dama contest.

She already bought an illustration board and permanent markers for this project, so how could we ever say no.  After all, even if this new to us, I could always ask my Kuya Google to help me out on how it looks like.   (The truth is, I never heard of this during my school days.  We only played chess or dama at the kanto opposite of the public market.)  :D

I opened the computer and started to do a Google Image search. To my dismay, results were for Damath only. ....Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia.... results were for Damath only - not for Sci-Dama.  I've reached up to the 10th page of the search result, and still nothing.

I've also discovered that there are a lot of people out there, presumably parents, who are looking for the same thing im lookin' for.  Here, are some of the same queries i came across with:

Sci Dama board scidam scidamath board boardgames board games how to play sci dama for kids
I found an image of a Damath Board at WikiPilipinas and it looks like this one on the right.  I asked Ate Bon if this is the correct one but she told me that it is different.  The sci-dama board that they used in school only have plus(+) and minus (-) signs.

She showed me a sketch.  She is in grade 4 by the way, expect the sketch to be a rough rough sketch.  But the mathematical signs were clear.

Since i've already seen the Damath board, i asked my daughter to call her classmate so we could verify the exact places for the signs.

Im not actually at home with my family 'coz i work abroad.  My contribution to this project was merely online research.  It was my sexy wife who produced the Sci-Dama Board.  The illustration board was 15"x17" in size.  So to divide it properly, i told here to make the same damath pattern above where each square is measures 4cm (²) only.  Margin for 3 sides is at 1inch each.  For the dark shade, she used 3 permanent markers.  The same pen markers were used to write in the plus and minus signs.  With some extra plastic cover, the Sci-Dama Board is so neat and complete!
Sci Dama board scidam scidamath board boardgames board games how to play sci dama for kids

This is how the actual SCI-DAMA BOARD looks like this.  I just drawn this through a spreadsheet so i could upload it here with better clarity.

And for those students and parents who were looking for this, well.... here it is.

Oh yeah, about the contest that my daughter went into.  She went up against her classmates and became one of the quarter-finalists.   She didn't make it to the finals.  Im very proud of her though.  I did not teach her this. And we never played it at home.  But she was a quater-finalist, and that's just great!

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  1. This is very helpful. Thanks so much. My daughter also has a sci-dama project in school.

    Thanks again! :-)

  2. very nice answer

  3. Thanks.
    Im glad you found your way here to get the find the answers.


  4. Thanks to you......My father look for this page......and he liked it.......

  5. thanks a lot, this is very helpful, thanks for posting.

  6. are you sure that this is the sci-damath board., ?. cause my friends and some some schoolmates told me that damath and sci-damath boards are the same.,., i'm confused?!

    1. It depends on the category. But elementary Sci-dama (which is water patrol and power patrol) only uses (+) addition and (-) Subtraction. Thermo, THI, and Electro sci dama have the 4 operations, depending on the year levels and grades though.
      Check this out for more informations:

  7. My daughter has been using the same Sci Dama board since last year until now. And she is still winning some matches. :D

    The difference between Sci Dama & Sci Damath must only be the numbers used in the game.

    Lower numbers for Sci Dama and higher numbers for Sci Damath/Damath.

    Im not so sure about this though.
    Let me just ask her later.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  8. tnx for posting, my brother has the same project in school also :))

  9. thank you so much..............!^_^

  10. it's very helpful..thanks a lot..


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