Sep 6, 2010

One Piece 598 - in 3 more weeks!

A lot of One Piece fans has been asking.   When will episode 598 be out?!  Why is there no manga last week?  Neither there is week?

Well, it was stated in the last page of episode 597.  Eiichiro Oda sensie is having a 4 weeks break.

from One Piece 597

Well... at least, we still can watch the anime episode.  You can watch it here:
Luffy has arrived in the Marine Ford!
One Piece Anime episode 465
Luffy has arrived in Marine Ford!

After this post, I have three more pages about One Piece 598.
Do check them out, specially the last one!

One Piece 598 : ..will be out this week!

One Piece Movie 10:  Strong World (in english sub)

One Piece 598 : Sailing Again


Good news!
The real episode 598 is finally here!
Just click here: 
 One Piece 598 : 2 Years Later

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