Sep 21, 2010

One Piece 598 - will be out this week!

Everybody has been waiting...
When will episode 598 be out?!  
Will it be out this week?!?

Well, as mentioned earlier in my blog, it was stated in the last page of episode 597. 
 Eiichiro Oda sensie is having a 4 weeks break.

One Piece 598

One Piece 597 came out on 25th August in MangaStream, 
then the fourth week after it should be on the 25th September... 
...One PIece 598 should be out this week!!!

I hope so.
And I hope its a double episode!

While waiting for Episode 598, why don't we watch the current anime episodes.
You can watch it here:

One Piece anime episode 466

One Piece anime episode 467

One Piece anime episode 468
Let's watch these in the meantime.


I found and uploaded scans of One Piece 598.
I had it posted here in my blog.

Click here:
One Piece 598 : Sailing Again

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