Sep 25, 2010

One Piece 598 : Sailing Again!

I've been trying to scour the internet on One Piece 598.
Four weeks should have been over yesterday.  We should have read it today already.

Confirmed spoilers have came up.

One Piece 598

Verification:  Confirmed
Source        :  AP Forums
Credits       :  Aohige

"Is this the grown-up Luffy!?" "Is the training over!?"
"The force coming from Luffy's eyes, isn't this the Color of Conquerer that Rayleigh showed!?"

As for the last note by Oda,

"Thanks to all, I was able to rest very well. Thank you for the great time I enjoyed.
My fuel tank is full now!! The New World Arc will be heading towards the end of the story of One Piece.
As I ponder about the new adventures, it's so exciting I feel like I'm starting a new serial!
Please Llook forward to the adventures in the last sea "New World"!

Jump 44 Cover of Jump & Front color pages.
24 pages for the start of the new arc.

Spoiler above seems to be so short that it cannot even serve as a spoiler!
I just hope that the 24 pages jump start for this new arc would true!

Searching further, i thing i came to have hit something.
Somebody has uploaded screenshots/scans of One Piece 598 direct from japanese comic book.

From the source, i found 20 images.
But image 7 onwards shows the same pictures, so i didn't bother uploading them.

I know that this cannot satisfy our thirst for One Piece 598, but its good to take a peek of it.


Good news!
The real episode 598 is finally here!
Just click here: 

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