Nov 5, 2012

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One Piece 688
Here as a prediction spoiler for you to enjoy!
One Piece 688 : Resignation

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One Piece 688
Title : Resignation
Verification : Fanfic Spoiler/Prediction
Credits : BlackLegSanji

PG 1

Caesar:*looks at the moniter* Monet was beat?! Damn it!!! And the children have escaped!!!!
CC Man: Master, shall we go after them now?
Caesar: No!! The plan will succed even with Biscuits Room shut off from gas!! I will not lose to Vegapunk!!!

PG 2

Kinemon:*running with Usopp and Brook* Momonosuke!! Where are you!!!
Usopp:*carrying Brook* anything yet Brook?!
Brook: No. There are no rooms with seastone cuffs or Momonosuke-san. And to make matters worse, there are no panties!!!
Usopp: I'm jealous!! Wait i mean, now isn't the time, Soul King!!!
Kinemon:*glares and thinks* What those strange men said better not be true.

PG 3

Flashback to the snowy lands.
Kinemon:*surrounded by CC Men and has both swords unsheathed* I will ask you again!! Where is my son?!!! His name is Momonosuke!!! Tell me now!!
CC Man: Momonosuke? Was there even a kid by that name?
CC Man: I dont freaking know!!! Maybe he got ate by that dragon!!

PG 4

Back to present
Kinemon: If it is true!! Then i will cut down every dragon that crosses my path!!!
Vergo:*punches at Smoker*
Smoker:*ducks* White....

PG 5

Smoker:*forms his arm into a large smoke snake that bites onto Vego* Snake!!!
Vergo:*glares and uses Soru to appear behind Smoker and attempt to kick him on the side of his face*
Smoker:*tries to block*!!!
Vergo:*breaks through his block and hits him in the face*
Smoker:*crashes to the railing of the bridge*

PG 6

Law:*attempts to slice off Vergo's head from behind*
Vergo:*blocks with a haki covered arm*
Vergo:*kicks him in the gut and makes him crash to the other side*
Law:*huff* *huff*
Vergo:*takes out Law's heart and squeezes it*

PG 7

Law:*grabs his chest in pain* gaaahhh!!!
Smoker:*hits Law's heart out of his hand and grabs it*
Vergo:*is kicked to the other side*!!!
Smoker:*hands him is heart* Law....
Law:*grabs it and puts it back in his chest* Mes

PG 8

Vergo:*stands up* I don't understand Smoker. I thought you hated the Shichibukai.
Law:*stands up*
Smoker: I do hate them. They're just pirates with World Government perks. But I hate your kind even more, Vergo.
Smoker: At least the Shichibukai have the pride to at least state how their still pirates. You lied about your whole lifestyle in the marines. You betrayed those loyal to you. *glares* I hate traitors even more than pirates.

PG 9

Vergo: Is that so? To be honest I never really joined the marines. I just made it look like it for everyone else. So i'm not really a traitor. Now the man you just returned that heart to is the real traitor. He swore his loyalty to Joker and now he's betraying him.
Law: I only did that because I didn't have a choice.I don't need him anymore.
Vergo:*glares* I promised Joker your ear. I think your head will be better

PG 10

Vergo*fires a blowdart at them*
Smoker:*deflects it before it explodes*
Vergo:*darts at them*
Smoker:*turns to smoke and encloses around him* White Spark!!

PG 11

Law:*smiles* Mes
Vergo:*is hit by Law's attack and his heart is sent out*
Smoker:*turns back to normal and sees Law standing over Vergo*

PG 12

Vergo:*reaches for Law as he is on the ground* L-Law.
Law:*grins* Tell Joker this is my resignation, Vergo-san. *squeezes his heart*
Vergo:*feels the pain* Gaaahh!!! *pashes out*
Smoker:*walks over to them* Basterd.

PG 13

Law:*walks away*
Smoker: What are you exactlly up to Law?
Law:*looks at him*.....

PG 14

Giant Boy: Mocha!!!!
girl: Give us the candy!!!!
Giant Girl: Why are being so mean?!
Mocha:*running away from them* I'm not being mean!! This is bad candy everyone!!!
Children: Liar!!! You want it for yourself!!! Give it!!!!

PG 15

Robin:Mil Fleur: Cuatro Mano
Children:*are held back by 4 giant hands*
Giant Boy:*bites a finger* Meanie hands!!!
Chopper:*still held by Nami* Mocha!! Stay there i'm coming!!!
Mocha:*tears in her eyes* Dr. Chopper!!

PG 16

Nami:*runs over to Mocha and sits Chopper down* Phew!!
Robin:Chopper!! Nami!! Hurry, I can't keep them back much longer!!
Giant Boy:*sees Robin and punches at her* Stop it!!!
Chopper/Nami:*see the boy cause an impact* Robin!!!

PG 17

Giant Boy:*is hit back into his other crazed children friends* Ow!!!!
Sanji: Don't even think about hitting Robin-chan. I don't care if you are shitty brats!!!
G-5 Marines:*cheer* YEA!!!!
Nami: Sanji-kun!! Why is he with the marines?
All Children:*turn to Sanji and the marines*


One Piece 688

One Piece Spoilers  One Piece Raw Scans

Be it a spoiler or just predictions,  I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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