Nov 6, 2012

Naruto 608 Confirmed Spoilers, Prediction Spoilers, Raw Scans

Naruto 608
Naruto 608 Prediction Spoiler is out!

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Naruto 608 : What Happened That Day
Verification : Prediction Spoiler/Fanfic
Credits : L

The scene flashes back to Rin's death. Kakashi pierces chidori into Rin.

Rin : ....Kakashi...
Kakashi looks at Rin with his left eye. Obito looks at the scene with his right eye.
Obito : {Rin!!!}.....
Rin : (coughs blood)...Ka...kashi....?
Obito : Hmmm...?
Rin : What was....I (coughs blood) (blood spills on Kakashi's face)...What was I to you?
Obito : ?!!!

Kakashi takes his hand out of Rin's chest)
Kakashi : What was I to you?.....(The blood flows down due to water) You were my friend!! But you are not my friend!!

Rin falls on the ground)
Kakashi looks around watching the dead mist ninjas including Rin's body, picks up a scroll from a mist ninja and leaves the battlefield)

Rin : Kakas...shi!! (closes her eyes)
Obito remains stunned at Kakashi's behaviour)
Obito : ?!!! Not a friend?!!! Wha.... what is he talking about? Why did he killed Rin? Why?!!

Rin makes a slight movement)
Obito : Hmmm?!!!
Obito gets down near to Rin and holds her in his arms)
Obito : Rin?!!! Rin?!!! Rin?!!! Get up!!! Talk to me Rin!!! Rin!!!! (tears rolls down from his eyes)

Rin opens her eyes slowly and watches Obito's blur image)
Rin : ?!!!!!
Obito : Yes, Rin talk to me!!!
Rin : Obito.....Is this afterlife?
Obito : No....(tears falls on Rin's face) I'm alive Rin!! I'm alive!! I won't let you die!!!
Rin : Obito..... I'm glad... you're ali......(dies)
Obito : ?!!! Rin!! Rin!! (screams) Rin!!!!!

Obito remains at his place holding Rin till sun hides behind the mountains)
???? : They must be here!!! search them!!!

Spiral Zetsu(SZ) : ?!!! Obito!!! Obito!!! we must leave now! We are surrounded by mist ninjas!!
Obito : ........
SZ : Obito!!! Get up!! Hurry!!! We will bring her back alive!!
Obito : Alive?!!!
SZ : We will bring her back from the afterlife with Madara's Moon's Eye Plan!

Obito : .....(holds Rin's corpse on his left shoulder) Lets go!!!

???? : Look he is there!!! Attack him!!!

Obito runs through the forest)
Obito : {Rin... I'll bring you back. You just wait and watch} (Remembers Kakashi thrusting chidori in Rin's chest) {Kakashi, you killed Rin!! I'll never forgive you!! You'll pay for this!!} (Remembers Minato) {Minato Sensei, you were never there for us when we were in danger. During my time and not even during Rin's} Ze...
While jumping from a tree suddenly an explosive kunai hits the tree and explodes)

Obito : Arghh!!!

Obito's left hand gets a hit and Rin falls on the ground)

Obito : (after getting hit Obito holds his left shoulder with right hand) Rin!!!!! moves forward towards Rin) ?!!!
SZ stops Obito)
SZ : We can't save her. Our left arm is destroyed and now I'm also weak.
Obito : But....
SZ : We can't let ourselves get caught!!

SZ controls over Obito's body and vanishes in deep forest)
Obito's tears falls back while moving ahead)
Obito : (takes hard breathe)........
SZ : We arrived here again!!!

lands at the graveyard from where Obito rushed to save Rin and Kakashi)
(jumps down and enters the hideout)

Madara : You are back!!!
looks at Obito's left arm)
Madara : You injured your real body. What happened to your friends?
Obito : .......
Madara : They died?
SZ's body uncovers Obito's face)
SZ : He failed to save her.
Madara : .......

Obito : ......She was killed by the one whom she loved most.
Madara : Now you yourself witnessed the truth of this hell. What will you do now? You can still accept my proposal.
Obito : I accept your proposal but not for you. I will make this ninja world pay for their sins..... including Konoha.

Madara : As your wish.
SZ separates out from Obito's body and Obito falls on the ground)
Madara : Zetsu put him on the bed and do the preparations.
SZ & WZ connects one of the tube from the Gedo Mazo to Obito's right side of the body)
Madara : Now you take your time to heal yourself. Our destiny is far away.

During the period of several years, Obito trains harder with Zetsu using Madara's tools)
(Now, Obito is shown with his Mangekyo Sharingan and about 16-17 years of age)

Madara : Where are you going Obito?

Obito prepares for the Battle)
Obito : The first step of my plan, as you said, Destruction of Leaf!!! With the help of Nine-Tails!!!
Madara : ?!!! Will you able to handle the Nine-Tails? The Nine-Tails is in possession of the Fourth Hokage's wife.
Obito : {Minato Sensei!!!}..... No one can stop me!! Not even the Fourth Hokage!!

Obito goes to Konoha and the whole incident happens the way we saw in the Manga during Minato vs Tobi. After getting hit with the Rasengan and the contract with the Nine-Tails broke.

Obito : You deserve the title of Fourth Hokage... Managing to wound me and wrest the fox from my control in one move. But some day it will be mine again. The fox and this whole world, will bow at my will. Many doors are still left open to me.

Minato : .......

Obito teleports.
During Nine-Tails sealing into baby Naruto Obito teleports to the nearby tree.

Obito : Even the Fourth Hokage couldn't completely stopped the Nine-Tails. The Nine-Tails got a new jinchuuriki. I must get the Nine-Tails.
Third Hokage : (Before Minato's death and after sealing the Nine-Tails into Naruto) .....I promise you Minato, Kushina. I'll protect Naruto.
Obito : ?!!!! I must go now. I am not in a condition to fight the Third Hokage now.

Teleports to hideout.

Madara : What happened? You succeed?
Obito : Not yet... but one of the strong obstacle is being removed from the path... The Fourth Hokage!!
Madara : You can now go and rest.
Obito : The Fourth recognized me as Uchiha Madara.
Madara : Uchiha Madara!! That's quite a name to hide your identity and maintain the fear in my name until my revival.

-- flash back to the current fight --

Kakashi : Obito!!! I want to ask you one question before our fight.

Obito : ?!!!

Gai : .....

Kakashi : How did you knew about Rin's death?

Obito : (smirks) Hmm!!! How did I knew?

Kakashi : .....

Gai : .....

Obito : Because I saw you when you pierced your chidori into Rin's chest.

Kakashi : ?!!! (Remembers the day of Rin's Funeral) What do you mean?

Gai : ?!!! But Rin ....

Obito : Yes, Rin was killed by this man to whom I entrusted her safety.

Kakashi : That can't be possible.

Obito : You don't even remember that day when you killed your comrade. The day when you fought with the Mist Ninjas.

Kakashi : That day!!! (Remembers thrusting his chidori into Rin's chest) She was not Rin....

Obito : ?!!!

Kakashi : Because she died a week ago before that mission, due to her incurable illness.

Obito : What?!!!! Its a lie!!!

Kakashi : .....That is why I couldn't protect Rin. That is why I couldn't keep your promise. I always regret myself for not saving my precious comrades Obito and Rin.

Obito : Then what happened that day?!!!

Naruto 608

Naruto Spoilers ♦ Naruto Raw Scans

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  1. Hey Jack
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    One Piece 700

    Phone is ringing and Doflamingo picks it up .
    The next panel changes and says

    " Meanwhile the news of luffy's return and alliance spreads in the world "

    We see silhouttes of :

    Shanks - With his bounty
    Garp ,
    Everyone's hometown ,
    We see dadan who is happy to hear the news

    Everyone's celebrating their return .

    We see Big Mam Getting angry at the news
    and many of the big mam pirates .

    We even see Sakazuki's silhoute .

    Then ,
    We go back to the panel of law and Doflamingo

    The conversation has ended .
    And Doflamingo
    Calls a mysterious person .

    The mysterious person was Kaido .
    We see Kaido with his bounty .

    Finally ,
    We see Smoker go to Sakazuki and explains the situation .

    We get to see Sakazuki confronting the new admirals and Borsalino

    And dispatches The Admirals to Dressrosa .
    In the last panel we get to knoe the names of the new admirals .

    " Dressrosa is gonna be in a 3 way fight between the admiral , DD and Law-Luffy Alliance.
    Will they Succeed ? "

    --- Jain


    Its the 700th chapter , its bound to be good .


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