Feb 12, 2012

One Piece 657 Confirmed Spoilers, Predictions, Raw Scans

One Piece 657
The Fanfic Prediction Spoiler is here!

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One Piece 657
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Verification : Fanfic Prediction Spoiler
Credits : Jain

Luffy is running after the Headless Guy (HG). He uses his rubber arms and catches him ...

HG : Leave me alone! I can't die just yet! I have some things i need to do!

Luffy : I ain't killing you ... Join my crew ... !!

Ussopp : Stop luffy we dont know anything about him

HG: I can't join your crew ! I need to take my head back from that damn Shichibukai ...

Robin: Who is the shichibukai you are talking about ?

HG : It is Buggy, Ex-Member of roger pirates .... He cut my body in half and i need to defeat him to get it back

Luffy : Ohh ... He could only split himself before. I guess he has improved !!  I would like to meet him ...

Somewhere in the Punk hazard ... It is freezing ...

Buggy : I am gonna be the king of pirates Alvida. Unless until i have my crew no one can stand against us ... Masked men bring in straw hats crew

Buggy :  Shocked !! This is That Mugiwara's crewmembers ..... I am gonna crush that damn strawhat Buggy 's face is shown with a scar and he looks more badass ....

Caption :-  What will happen ?  Will Luffy finally lose from Buggy !!

Be it a spoiler or just predictions,  I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.


  1. Your obviously just a buggy fanboy this would never happen {black leg where are u :'(}

  2. mr nosebleed uumaye dokoda??

  3. Haha ... A buggy fanboy u say :P
    LOL hate buggy ...
    But would just sound interesting as it is certain that Buggy is a shichibukai ....
    Who knoes it just might happen :)

  4. Its not buggy, Law is the Shichibukai. Buggy will always be to weak to be a shichibukai. Not only that by being one of the main conspirators it the impel down break out as well as a former member of Roger's crew the world government wants buggy dead

  5. I guess it isnt buggy after all
    It is law ... LOL

    First half

    It starts off with Luffy’s group chasing the pair of legs, Luffy asking it to join his crew. Robin being shocked wondering how is this possible. Zorro was thinking he is a very tall guy. Usopp shouting at Zorro thinking there is a pair of legs running and talking missing half his body and this is what you are thinking? The man’s name was Ryuu (meaning dragon) and strangely he had a dragon mark at the bottom of his leg. Robin asks him what happened to you. He says that shichibukai with the bounty of 350 million did this to me. At the end of the chapter we realise the shichibukai that did this to him was Law. Everyone was shocked apart from Zorro and Luffy who were smiling. Usopp frightened saying now I know why people call this place hell. Zorro replies by saying he will be the reason people will consider this place hell. Robin laughs. Ryuu realises these people are allies and maps out this island there on and tells them the reason one part of the island is cold and one is hot is because this is the place where Akainu and Aokiji fought and the effects of their fight has left this island permanently like this. Robin asks is this the reason the marines blocked this area of. Ryuu says there is more to that in this place. Something happens and Luffy says I guess we have to go to the cold part of this island.

    Second half

    Usopp says we can’t go back now use two have caused too much destruction. Robin says I guess we will have to go through to get there. Luffy says I will tell the others to meet us there. He phones the ship and Brooke answers. Before Luffy could say anything Brooke tells Luffy the crew and the sunny have been captured and they start talking. Brooke saying a bone joke again. Then in the baby den den mushi you could hear murmurs in the phone Luffy could just make it out that it was the marines saying soul king brook you and the other straw hats are arrested. Then brook gets ready to fight saying over my dead body… even though I am already dead. One of the marines said our other marine ships are coming on its way to get you. (Smoker or Tashigi weren’t on this shio. They were probably on one of the other ships. And my theory is brook will beat them no problem and take their ship but just wondering if he can steer a ship). Chapter ends with brook unsheathing his sword.

    JAIN (a.k.a Luffy Uzumaki)

    1. Hey Jack ...
      Sorry but i am not sure if this is confirmed ...
      I guess we gotta wait until it gets confirmed

  6. That can't be right. The disaster that made the island that way happened 4 years ago, that's 2 years before aokiji and akainu even fought.

    Source: AP
    Credit: StevenD.Teach

    The flaming island is separated/on a lake with a frozen mountain on the other side. Usopp spots a flying dude/birdman. Sanji and co are led into a jail and find a dismembered head. The dismembered head talks. It’s a citizen of Wano country. Looks like he came to find his son. He refuses to be acquainted with pirates? (I’m assuming it’s Sanji and co who propose they break out together.) Anyway, they bust out of the jail with a Franky beam. Outside of the jail are a bunch of gigantic kids.

    Cover–Zanbai and dudes taking orders for a ship. (was that his name?)

    Luffy is goofing around with the lower half of the body.
    Zoro spots an iceberg.

    Ussop spots a birdman on top of a building.

    Sanji kicks away the mist
    Everyone wakes up, in some room.

    A separated face/head shows up in there and speaks
    It rearranges its parts together and becomes a face

    Everyone is shocked at the talking head.
    Franky blows down the wall, Sanji grabs the head by the hair
    Sanji notices the head has a samurai-topknow, the signature hairstyle of Wano country, dude is a Wano samurai.

    The dudes in the gasmasks/clothing from before hear the ruckus and come chasing in
    Sanji runs and breaks down the door

    Right there is a pretty big child.


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