Feb 13, 2012

Naruto 574 Confirmed Spoilers, Predictions, Raw Scans

Naruto 574
Here is a fanfic prediction for you to enjoy!  I made this myself.
Naruto 574 : Seven Clones

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Naruto 574: Seven Clones
Verification : Fanfic Prediction
Credits : JackDi

Page 1
HOKAGE : Did you hear that Raikage!?!!
RAIKAGE : Hhmmm.... Pushing that Akatsuki leader off is not enough. Since he was able to escape away from me, Naruto should be able to break that mask off from him!
HOKAGE : He is our Naruto afterall! Let's go and crush this masked-man once and for all.
TSUCHIKAGE : uhu! huh! uhu! (like an old man coughing).  I'm still alive?!
GAARA : Lady Hokage, please attend to Tsuchikage first. Raikage, Mizukage and I will have to go ahead of you. You can follow us once the Tsukage is ok.
HOKAGE : Tsk! Do I have a choice?  Ok. Go ahead!

Page 2
The three kage's going to Naruto's location at top speed.

Page 3
NARUTO: Hey maskman! Are you ready?!
GAI and KAKASHI : ?!?
TOBI : Confident! For a brat who have just drained his bijuu's chakra.
NARUTO : You still don't get it do you?
Tobi tries to analyze Naruto's conviction. He feels something eerie.
But no matter how he looks at it, at his current state, Naruto has no more power to fight.

Page 4
Naruto forms the kage bushin seals. But he end up producing seven sloppy wriggly clone and then it disappears.  Naruto fell down but Kakashi caught him up.
TOBI : As I was saying... Give up brat!   Hand over the kyubii to me!

Page 5
BEE:  Kakashi, try to back off with Naruto for a little while. And call up a medical ninja to replenish his chakra. I will hold off this mask man the enka style!
KAKASHI : Replenishing his chakra that way is pointless. Anybody who does that is expelled by the Kyubii's charka.
NARUTO : (tries to stand up) I'm ok Kakashi sensie. I can still fight.
GAI : Dont worry Naruto! You take your rest. I will fight with all my might. My fountain of youth is way overflowing right now! Let's go Otaku san!

Page 6
With their morale up'ed, all of Naruto's friends are figting against the Zetzu's and the edo's ferouciosly. Pictures of the fight being shown.

Hinata! Kiba! Shino!

Ten-ten! Neji! Lee!

Page 7
Sakura! Sai!

Ino! Shikamaru! Chouji!

Page 8
NARUTO:   My friends are fighting this war with me. I cannot let them down this time.  (Naruto tries to forge his kagebushin seals again.)
TOBI :  How foolish! You think clones can defeat me?  (Tobi makes a seal.  Then a bijuu dama appears from the mouth of Gedo Mazu.) Take this!
Gedo Mazo throws to the bijuu dama to Naruto's side.

Page 9
Kakashi rushes in front of Naruto and uncover's his left eye.   He activates his MS space-time ninjutsu to suck the tailed beast bomb.  Gai was crying to see his rival doing a high caliber jutsu against the enemy.

TOBI : I expected no less from you Hatake Kakashi.     But...

A second bijuu dama released by Gedo Mazo.

Page 10
MIZUKAGE : Two tailed beast bombs!   There's no way anybody can survive that!
RAIKAGE : It's not my brother's. And i think it's not Naruto's as well.
GAARA : Naruto.... are we too late ?!?  ... speed up!

Page 11
A big ball of black bomb covers the whole area where Naruto, Kakashi, Gai and Bee were standing.
TOBI : The victor is mine! This war is mine in the first place!

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Page 12
When the smoke from the bomb clears out..  7 clones came up!  All of the smiling with confidence.

Each chanting a name.

Naruto 1 : Shukaku! (1)
Naruto 2 :  Matabi! (2)
Naruto 3 :  Isubo! (3)
Naruto 4 :  Son! (4)
Naruto 5 :  Kankou! (5)
Naruto 6 :  Saiken! (6)
Naruto 7 :  Choumei! (7)
Bee :  Let's do it baby! (8)
Naruto :  ...my buddy - Kurama! (9)

All Naruto's turned to bijuu mode in different colors.

-- end --
PS: It's easy to think of what might happen next. My idea actually is in the last portion -  The 7 clones in 7 different Bijuu Modes . But making this into more than 10 pages is rather hard!

Comments please...

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.


  1. i like your impression of the 7 clones. kinda far fetched though

  2. nice!
    but tsuchikage is supposed to be dead already

  3. Great jack ...
    I didnt knoe u give u so nice predictions ...
    maybe i can learn a thing or two from u ...
    hahah ... :)
    Nice prediction
    --- jain

    1. I have just tried my best to compliment your efforts. I know it's not much but i tried. :D :D :) Thanks Jain.

    2. Don't tell me this is your first try ?!?
      My first try sucked big time ...
      Forget that My second try wasnt that good too LOL
      Anyways ...
      It was fun reading it ...
      Take care Jack .... :)

  4. If I didnt know this is actually a prediction, I would have taken it as the real spoiler.
    Nice job!!!


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