Feb 8, 2012

One Piece 656 CONFIRMED Spoilers

One Piece 656
The CONFIRMED Spoiler is here!
One Piece 656 : Burning Island Adventure

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One Piece 656
Title: Burning Island Adventure
Verification : Confirmed Spoiler
Credits : CCC
Source : AP

Cover story is Iceburg and his Shipwrights (Paulie and the like) and the Sea Train

What on earth is this dragon...?!
Luffy: Hey! This guy talked just now!
Usopp: Don't be stupid we must have misheard!
Luffy: Hmm I guess you're right.
Usopp: Because I'm still having trouble dealing with the fact that this is a dragon!
Robin: No matter how you look at it this is indeed the creature spoken of in fantasy!
Zoro: ...no way!!
(The dragon blows fire)

*while dodging* Uwahhhh! It blew fire!
Usopp: Achachacha! There's no way this can exist! Are we dreaming!?
Zoro: How exciting!!
Luffy: Uhahaha! Gomu gomu JET Bullet!
Luffy punches it in the face
Luffy: ...!! Ohhh! This guy's skin is hard!!
*they stare each other down; dragon attacks with tail; Luffy deflects*
Zoro: Eh! Uwaa!
*Zoro and the dragon exchange blows*
Zoro: It's true, this dragon really talked! Santoryuu: Goku Toragari (Quindecillion Tiger Hunt)
Dragon: !! *the dragon opens its mouth and stops Zoro's attack with its fangs*
Zoro: Uoooo! Shit! What's with this power!? And this stiffness!?
Luffy: Nnnn.... Take this! *he kicks*
Dragon: Gurorororo!
Zoro: ...! Luffy!
Luffy: It talked! Hey look!
Usopp: I heard it too! What's up with that?!
Robin: ...
*the dragon leaps*
Luffy: It jumped! Uho!
Dragon: Bu! Are you lot also friends of the Shichibukai? *it breathes fire*
Usopp: Gyaaa... this heat! And it talked again!
Robin: It said Shichibukai. I wonder if it has some sort of grudge...
Zoro: Luffy leave this one to me. I'll cut it down!!\
Luffy: Ok! Got it! *Luffy launches off a wall into the air*
Luffy: I'll knock it down for you!
*Luffy rides on its back while avoiding the flames*

Luffy: Ha?
Dragon: Bu... but this coolness is strange. These flames are cool!!
Luffy: Hey we've got a problem! There's a person stuck to the dragon's head!
Usopp: Ehh!? What sort of state are they in?!
Robin: Ah, so the one who was talking...
*the dragon tries to snap at Luffy, but Luffy grabs its wing and thrusts it into its mouth*
*the dragon falls*

Zoro: Usopp!
Usopp: Got it! Hissastu Midori Boshi (Sure Kill Green Star): Tramporia!"
Zoro: Ittouryuu (1-Sword Style) Igoshi Shishi Sonson (somethingDeath: Lion Song)
*the dragon is killed*
Usopp: Uooo! Amazing!
Luffy: Nahahaha! This dragon looks delicious!
Zoro: We could have a barbecue with this island's flames.

On the Sunny Go
Sanji is carrying food, but when he goes outside, everyone else is sleeping
Sanji: Mist? No...! (I'm done for too. I've already inhaled!! Everyone's asleep because of this gas! Is it natural? Or has someone boarded? It's good that those four who went to the island have the mini Denden Mushi but... if only I could reach them somehow) Sanji also passes out.
A group of 4 wearing gas masks
Gas 1: Two humans... a human like iron man... and a pet. Tie 'em all up.
Gas 2: Oh! Pirates are actually the most suitable... we'll give them to M (master) as tribute! No one's going to mind if a few pirates go missing!

On the island
Luffy removes the guy who was stuck to the dragon
Luffy: Gyaa! Sorry I ripped you apart!

A person who is just a lower half of a body emerges
Usopp: Stupid! You think sorry is enough!? You killed him!
Lower half: Ohh! I'm separated!
Luffy: Ehhh! It talked! What is this, a zombie?!
Usopp: A ghost...
Robin: How did you come to be stuck to the dragon? And why is there no damage from being ripped apart?
Usopp: So you were just a lower half from the start? Awfully big...
Luffy: That's a pretty personal question!
*the lower half, while spinning and kicking*: Bu Make way, make way bu! There's no way I could die in a place like this bu! Gotta run bu!

*lower half of the body starts running*
Luffy: Ah! It's running!
Lower half: That stupid Shichibukai...!!
Luffy: Hey wait! Join my crew!
Usopp: Cut that out!

What's going on here?!?

Be it a spoiler or just predictions,  I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.


  1. It looks like the lower half is capt buggy the clown. Who else would it be har-har-har!

  2. It bet it's either Nami who will tame this dragon. :grin:


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