Feb 8, 2012

Naruto 573 CONFIRMED Spoilers (ver 2)

Naruto 573
Finally, the CONFIRMED Spoiler is here!
Naruto 573 :  The Road to Radiance

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Naruto 573
Title: The Road to Radiance
Credits: Yagami Light
Verification: Pending Spoiler

Naruto has been entrusted the 9 names.

Tobi : Difficult ... names ? So what ?
Naruto : Could it be ... you don't know ?
Tobi : ?

Hachibi : Huh !
Naruto : Maybeeeeee ... Nah, I won't tell you !

Gai : Seeing how Naruto managed to progess and grow up like this ... makes me look like an senile old man.
Kakashi : What ? that's not like you. I don't say that often but ... Aren't you the one who said our youth is far from being over ?
But since we came here ...

Gai : Stop. Don't say anything unnecessary.
Kakashi : Now That's more like you, Gai.

Tobi : This face ...
When Tobi grabs his Fan, water starts to drop.

Tobi : Sweat ? No, it's rain. That's it. Fighting thoses guys shouldn't make me sweat. Naruto is just a test to Sasuke.
Thoses guys are supposed to be just entertainment to me.

I fully understand their powers. This uneasyness doesn't come from their powers. Then what is it ?
No, it doesn't matter to me. Naruto or whatever or whoever doesn't matter to me.

Once this war is over, they won't have any future nor anything left. All will become futile.

Communication Team:
ComA : In... Incredible. Did you felt what I felt ?
ComB : This is unbelievable. There's no mistake. It was the power of the Nine Tails !

Ao : Indeed. ( But this is a little different from what I expected. )

Shikaku : What's the status ?

Ao : Uzumaki Naruto drove Tobi into a corner with some huge power.
This chakra is unreal.
Counting Kakashi, Gai and Bee too, they're just FOUR !

Shikaku : Inoichi ! Please talk directly to everybody in the Reinforcements Squad and give them the status about Naruto's Team.
15 seconds should be enough.

They're still fighting despites being just 4, we must do anything to support them.
ComC : Everyone ? My chakra network will never be able to deal with the strain.

Inochi : I can get you 10 seconds.
ComC : Inochi !
Shikaku : Sorry, but this is important. don't let me down during thoses 10 secs.

Inochi : You could more polite while asking. Let me handle this. ( Message from HQ : Important Status report. Uzumaki Naruto is giving all he can.
the Naruto we're supposed to protect along with Bee. Everyone is fighting with every last dip of their powers. Same for Kakashi and Gai.
And everyone in the alliance is fighting with the same thought in mind. )

Ninjas running.
Inochi : ( We're on the verge of winning this war ! ) Inochi gets a nosebleed ( A serious one ).
Shikaku : ...

Inochi *panting *: Haaa ... heee ... I knew it, you're a poor talker, and I gave you 20 secs !
ComC : Commander !

Shikaku : Indeed. ( That's how you feeling are strong, my friend. )
Inochi : Sorry.

Hinata : Naruto-kun ! I always tried to follow you, to catch up to you ... but once this war is over. I won't try to catch up to you anymore.
Next time I'll be right next to you while I grap your hand and walk with you. Please ... wait for me.

Kiba : Since I know you Naruto, you always marked anything. I'll leave the fighting with Madara to you until I get here.

Shino : We're going to support Naruto perfectly. And there's no because.

Shikamaru : That Naruto, he's doing all right. He's Naruto after all. I can't imagine how reckless he'll be but ... Haaa My head already hurts.

Chouji : Naruto's as dumb as I'm fat, I know that but ... I can't say I'm surprised. ( Wait for me, Dumber Naruto ! I'll be there in a flash ! )

Shikamru : He's not the type to think calmly about a plan, I know. ( That's why I'm coming, wait for me Naruto ! I'm on my way )

Ino : Thank you, dad. He transmitted to us Naruto's strong will and fellings. Don't worry dad, we don't let them in vain. )

Tenten : I wonder if Gai-sensei is okay. I wonder if he's protecting Naruto. Kakashi is with them so it should be okay.

Sai : If it wasn't for the heavy rain, I could use my ink summons to go to Naruto ...

Lee : If you have the time to complain, you need to speed up Sai-san.

Sai : Right. ( Is that how a friend feels ? I think I understand clearly now, Naruto. )

Sakura : ( Naruto, you saved Konoha and now you're trying to save the Shinobi World.
You always always end up in bad situations doing most of the job. but this time whatever you say, I'll be there. And I'm not alone.
We will fight alongside everyone. )

The Rookies to the rescue !

The rain is pouring but the sun can be seen in the clouds.
Footsteps can be seen on the ground.

the rain is getting stronger.
Lightning crash down.
Uchiha Sasuke is standing.

The road he walks on is not over. The demon is coming to the battlefield.


Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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