Jan 31, 2012

One Piece 655 Confirmed Spoilers, Predictions, Raw Scans

One Piece 655
The Prediction Spoiler is here!
One Piece 655: Greetings

One Piece 655 Confirmed Spoilers  One Piece 655 Predictions
One Piece 655 Spoilers  One Piece 655 Raw Scans
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One Piece 655
Title: Greetings
Verification : Fanfic Prediction Spoiler
Credits : Jain

PG 1
All SH's : Finally We have reached the new world

Nami : Explains how tough it will be and the sea of flames
Brook : Crying as laboon returns

PG 3
Everybody is shocked when they look at front
They see G5 Battleship there
Ussopp : They were waiting for us
Luffy : Yo Smokey ! Been a long time !
Smoker : I am gonna catch you strawhat

PG 4
Luffy : I dont think so ..... I wont be captured until i be the pirate king
Robin : How did they know we were coming

PG 5
Tashigi : We caught some pirates who told you saved them
Smoker : I hear you guys have become stronger with your new bounties

PG 6
Bounties displayed for Luffy , Zoro , Sanji

PG 7
Bounties displayed for Brook , Robin and Franky

PG 8
Bounties displayed for chopper , nami and Sogeking
(Everyone has a bounty increase becoz marines wanted straw hats dead fast)

PG 9
All straw hats Are happy and rejoice including Nami .

PG 10
Nami : Franky prepare for coup de burst
Smoker : I am coming straw hat
Tashigi : Roronoa Zoro , I am gonna get u this time , I have trained very hard for this moment
I will take the wado from you

PG 11
Sunny - Coup De Burst
Smoker flying : Not so fast strawhat
Luffy Hits smoker with a jet pistol
Smoker Shocked : ?!?
So the intel was true He did learn Haki

PG 12
Smoker : Hitting the wall : Strawhat got away
Tashigi prepare the ship we are going to look for them
Tashigi : where should we go ?
Smoker : Knowing strawhat he will pick the most dangerous island .
Straw hat i am coming !!

PG 13
Straw hats land from coup de burst and see a pirate ship in front of them ....
Everyone are looking and Luffy Has a grin on his face
Luffy : Shanks We finally meet
Red Hair pirates ship is shown

To Be continued ...

I hope you like this
never predicted before
tried for first time      --- Jain ---

Be it a spoiler or just predictions,  I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.


  1. not so fast shanks might be almost at the end .. !! maybe fight with smokey but not meeting shank.

  2. Words could not express how funny this is.

  3. black leg ur predicts was good that was the reason i was visiting this site !! JACK-SAN need Black Leg Predicts Back Plz

  4. Nice Prediction .... But its way too fast ....
    Knowing oda this all might happen in 2-3 chapters ...

  5. This was stupid the SH get new bounties for doing nothing and then they meet shanks >_>

    I came here for Blackleg not this foolishness

  6. HaHa this is so stupid

    We want blackleg!!!! We want blackleg!!!!

  7. Hello Dudes and Dudettes!

    Just want to inform you all that our good friend Black Leg Sanji is on Prediction Hiatus. He should be able to get back on the predictions on the next round.

    Although I'm sad about this, but I must respect him as well.

    Thank you.

  8. http://bbs.opbbs.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=36392&extra=page%3D1

    look at that, first spoiler from japanense forum

  9. Status: Confirmed
    Source: http://www.mymangastream.com

    ワンピ新章 パンクハザードへ向かう 敵はサムライ??&しゃべるドラゴン
    スモーカーはオールバックにサングラス&顔に傷 スモーカーもパンクハザードに行くらしいよ

    587 :いやあ名無しってほんとにいいもんですね:2012/02/01(水) 14:33:15.69 発信元:

    Punk Hazard The enemy is samurai and a talking dragon.
    Smoker has his hair slicked back, sunglasses, and a scar on his face. It seems he's also heading for Punk Hazard.

    Luffy, Zoro, Robin, Usopp get off the ship.
    The others keep watch.

    Chapter is full of talk of Wano Country.

    *note- punk hazard literally means a danger of tires bursting, but it seems to be a place, here

    For those who didn't like my prediction .... i guess it was a bit fast :P
    I'll try and give a better one next time
    And still it was my first time so i cant get it good at first try now can i ? :P :)
    Njoy with the spoilers :)


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