Jan 31, 2012

Naruto 572 Spoiler Prediction (ver 2)

Naruto 572
Here is a fanfic prediction for you to enjoy!
Naruto 572 : The Final Push

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Naruto Ch. 572: The Final Push
Verification : Fanfic Prediction
Credits : The Special One

(Dark, masses of violet energy from both sides is slamming each other for dominance.)

Naruto: “C’mon, Kurama, don’t hold back on me now!”

Kyuubi: “We got 3 minutes, much more assertion and we’ll cut that time down even faster!” (The five Bijuu’s bomb is larger and is starting to overtake Naruto’s. From inside the protective chakra walls, Kakashi appears worried.)

Kakashi: “As powerful as Naruto is with the Kyuubi at his call, there’s still just so much chakra he’s up against in the 5 Bijuu.” (Meanwhile, the scene cuts to Tobi as the five Bijuu’s bomb is overwhelming Naruto.)

Tobi: “That’s it, just a bit-what do we have here?“ (Killer Bee in Hachibi mode rushes in by the Kyuubi mode and begins charging up a Bijuu ball to offset Naruto’s load.)

Killer Bee: “You’re my bud, can’t let ya taste the mud; at least not alone!”

Hachibi (in Killer Bee’s mind): “We’re on low too.”

Killer Bee (in his mind): “I don’t care, we’re gonna rip it up!”

Hachibi (in Killer Bee’s head): “Roger!” (Killer Bee lets out his Bijuu bomb and it helps even the playing field. Naruto and Killer Bee’s Bomb is now evenly matched with the five other Bijuu’s. Naruto comments on Killer Bee’s bravery.)

Naruto: “Thanks, man, you always have my back.”

Killer Bee: “Less messin’ around, more going to town!”

(Now, Kyuubi and the Hachibi have a few words to spare to each other.)

Hachibi: “Never in my wildest imaginations would I have believed a scenario such as this could occur.”

Kyuubi: “This doesn’t change anything between you and me, I just want to survive and outlive this bastard, Madara or whoever with a means to piss me off. And if I have to team up with this brat to do that, then I’d make the same choice time in and time out.”

Hachibi: “Always the opportunistic one, but you can’t deny-“

Kyuubi: “Naruto, we’ve only got less than 2 minutes!” (Naruto responds.)

Naruto: “I know, but I’m getting drained as well. Controlling the bomb takes a lot out of me.” (Killer Bee jumps into the conversation.)

Killer Bee: “I’m not as fresh as I once was, almost all out, cuz.”

(Killer Bee reverts to Version 2, he’s still firing off a Bijuu bomb, but it’s of a smaller scale. The 5 Bijuu are slightly gaining an edge again.)

Naruto: “No, no, no!” (The edge is growing, the Kyuubi appears overpowered, and it kneels on both of its hind legs.)

Kyuubi: “We have a little over a minute left. I can churn out more energy at the expense of seconds remaining. The Hachibi’s host will also have to exhaust all resources; we might be able to take them by surprise, but only for a short moment. From there, we’d need to tip them over the edge if we want to have any hopes surviving this encounter.”

Naruto: “Damn it, the risk is huge…”

Hachibi: “Exactly, if we blow out all of our chakra gaining the upper hand momentarily, but not having anything left in the tank to finish the job-”

Killer Bee: “We’d be done, son!”

(Kakashi and Gai wade their way to Naruto.)

Kakashi: “Do it. I have something planned.”

Naruto: “NOO, Kakashi sensei, it’s not safe outside!”

Kakashi: “Ninja have to be willing to make tough choices. A Hokage has to be willing to take even greater risks. Have faith in me, as I have faith in you.”

Naruto: “I see…” (Gai gives him the thumbs up. Kakashi gets on Gai’s back via piggy back ride. Gai, with sixth chakra gate open, breaks through Naruto’s chakra veil.)

Kyuubi: “Up for it, Naruto?”

Naruto: “Killer Bee, all or nothing, man!”

(All of a sudden, Naruto’s able to expand the width and force of the Bijuu bomb to the point that it is slightly over the other Bijuu’s energy. Killer Bee also thickens his chakra blast radius. The good guy’s energy is now greatly at advantage. The scene switches over to Tobi’s location.)

Tobi: “Fools, they’ll just tire themselves out, it’s not nearly enough to entirely engulf the power of five Bijuu. Wait a second, is that Kakashi and Gai, what could they possibly do?” (Kakashi and Gai spot the two energies colliding. The ground is shaking viciously, the air is twisting rapidly.)

Gai: “Hurry it up, this air stings!” (Kakashi’s sharingan goes Mangekyou.)

Kakashi: “Hush, need to concentrate… There!” (Some of the five Bijuu’s chakra bomb is being reduced via space time continuum manipulation. Tobi is beyond pissed.)

Tobi: “THAT PESKY HOUND!” (In an instant, Naruto and Killer Bee’s bomb overtakes the five others' bomb. Gai activates the 7th gate and uses it to rush to a safe direction with Kakashi on back, while the Bijuu are all engulfed within a seemingly black void eradication. On the outside, Killer Bee is in normal form, passed out, while Naruto is also in normal form, on both knees, dripping in sweat.)

Naruto: “I hope Kakashi and Gai sensei made it out ok… Huh, huh, huh, now, all I have to do is wait for my Senjutsu Clone!”

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.


  1. good good good i like it best ive seen so far

  2. total rubbish. Its called tailed beast bomb and a bomb explodes and the more powerful one wins immediately.


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