Nov 22, 2011

One Piece 647 Confirmed Spoilers Prediction Spoilers Raw Scans

One Piece 647
The Prediction Spoiler is here!
One Piece 647: Hate falls, Peace rises

One Piece 647 Confirmed Spoilers  One Piece 646 Predictions
One Piece 647 Spoilers  One Piece 647 Raw Scans
One Piece 647 Confirmed Spoilers 647, One Piece Predictions 648, 648 Spoilers, 649 Raws Manga 649

One Piece 647
Title: Hate falls, peace rises
Verification : Prediction Spoiler
Credits : Blackleg Sanji

PG 1

Citizen:*happy* they did it!! They beat the officers!!
Kids:Hooray for the humans!!
Minister of the Right:*as his troops finish with the low ranking pirates* It would seem their captain isnt the only heavy hitter of the crew.
Neptune:*looks to the sky*Otohime....are you seeing this now.

PG 2

Nami:*stands over defeated pirates and she looks up* The guys beat everyone, but I wonder if Luffy will destroy that ship in time.
Robin:*takes down 3 pirates* We can only look and see now.
Usopp:*cheers*Go Luffy!! Dont let up!!
Chopper:*next to him in his brain point*Luffy!!
Sanji:*smoking*If Luffy destroys this heaven, Im gonna kick his ass back to the east blue.
Brook:Yohohoho, thats cruel Sanji-san!!

PG 3

Shirahoshi:*holds Fukaboshi* are you alright big brother?
Fukaboshi:yes.....but is Noah still in tact?
Shirahoshi:Well actually Luffy-sama is trying to destroy it.

PG 4

Luffy:*still punching*raahhh!!!
Noah:*is getting more and more smashed up as it descends*
Minister of the Left: What is he doing?! Doesnt he know how important that ship is?!
Madame Shirley:*gasps* This is.....

PG 5

Madame Shirley:*remembers her prediction*This is when he destroys the island!!
Citizen:Shirley, are you sure?
Citizen: Is Strawhat not gonna stop Noah?!
Child:*points up*Look!!!

PG 6

Noah:*is smashed apart but its still giant chunks start to fall into the island and plaza*
Luffy:*is falling in the middle of the debris and is unconcious*
Citizens: Look out!!! Dont get crushed!!

PG 7

Zoro:*cuts a huge mast*
Sanji:*kicks a giant chain away*
Madame Shirley:Fishman Island is being destroyed, just like in my vision.
Neptune: Hohoho!! So this is what Shirley saw! It would seem you guys had got it alittle wrong.
Minister of the Left:*frowns and dodges a falling piece of ship* He's still destroying the island, you know!

PG 8

Luffy:*lands outside the plaza and lays there unconcious with a smile on his face*
Hody Jones/Vande Decken:*fall in the middle of the plaza*
Fishman Pirate:Captain Hody!!
Ammo Knight: They dont seem dead yet, lets take them in!!
Minister of the Right:*look down at them* To think these two were our biggest threats. *looks to the side*

PG 9

Strawhats:*all trying to help out the islanders in their own way*
Minister of the Right: *sighs* I cant believe I was more concerned about them.

PG 10

Minister of the Left:*on radio* all troops outside the island! Go and retrieve the royal family members for medical treatment!
Ammo Knights:Yes Sir!!
Fukaboshi:*passing out**closes eyes*Strawhat.

PG 11

The Next Day. In Groverly Hills Hospital.
Fukaboshi:*wakes up*
Chopper:*treating him*oh your awake! Hey Luffy!!
Luffy:*bursts in*Huh?! Is Brohoshi better now Chopper?

PG 12

Chopper: He just woke up, but his vitals dont seem critical anymore.
Luffy:Alright!! Now you can get out of bed and join the party!!
Fukaboshi: party?
Chopper/Luffy/ Fukaboshi:*walk outside and see the whole town having one big festival in town*
Shirahoshi:*laughing with Nami and Keimi*
Zoro:*having a drinking contest with Minister of the Right.*
Sanji:*serving food to mermaids and being lovestruck*

PG 13

Brook:*performs on stage along with Manboshi and Ryuboshi and woo many mermaids*
Franky/Den/Usopp:*celebrate with cola*
Robin:*draws some of the Ammo Knights as they pose*
Chopper:*grins*I wanna have fun too!!
Luffy:shishishi!! Well lets go!!
Luffy/Chopper:*run to the fun*whoohoo!!!

PG 14

Fukaboshi: Did the battle with New Fishman Pirates even happen?
Jinbe:*walks up* Of course it did. Luffy-kun and his crew have been at this since last night.
Fukaboshi:I see. This guy never slows down, does he?
Jinbe:*chuckles*not since I've known him. Oh and we found the culprit of the Mermaid theft this morning.
Fukaboshi: Really? Where is he?

PG 15

Caribou:*is thrown in a huge cell*whooaa!!
Ammo Knight: *closes the cell and walks away*This'll teach ya to steal our mermaids. Enjoy your roomates.
Caribou: roomates?
???:*growl*human filth!.....
Caribou:*turns around slowly*

PG 16

New Fishman Pirates:*look at him with crazed eyes*
Caribou:Damn seastone cuffs! Get away from me! God wouldnt want you to kill me!
Hody Jones:*grabs him by the neck* On the contrary, our God wants exactly that.

PG 17

Luffy:*rubbing his giant belly*ooohh yeaah thats good!!
Chopper:*playing along with the children of fishman island*
Neptune:*watching everyone* I finally see it Otohime. That peace with humans you wanted me to see for so long. I finally see it with my own eyes.
Strawhats and Residents:*partying and having loads of fun*


Be it a spoiler or just predictions,  I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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