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Naruto 564 Confirmed Spoilers Predictions Spoilers Raw Scans

Naruto 564
Here is a prediction spoiler for your to enjoy.
Naruto 564: The Fight for the Fate of the World

Naruto 564 Confirmed Spoilers ♦ Naruto 564 : Predictions
Naruto 564 Spoilers ♦ Naruto 564 Raw Scans

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Naruto 564
Title: The Fight for the Fate of the World
Verification : Prediction Spoiler (FanFic)
Credits : The Special One

(Due to the forced of the head-on collision, Tobi is smashed into a large tree trunk in back. Naruto extends his left arm upwards and creates chakra arm, which extends and latches onto a nearby branch, holding him still, and with his right hand forms another chakra arm to extend an Oodama Rasengan towards Tobi, however, Yugito slips in between and absorbs the jutsu before it smashes into him. Naruto cancels both chakra appendages and drops to the ground below, barely avoided being attacked from both left and right sides by Fuu and Utakata.

In the woods, Naruto is extremely cautious. He looks around and spots a shadowy figure rushing to higher elevation as it scales its way to the top of a tall tree and hides within the leaves of the tree at the top. Emphasis is focused on his ears as he turns his head and looks back. He barely spots someone hoping into a bush just ten yards in back.)

Naruto (in thought): “Dammit, he’s psyching me out. I can sense them, surrounding me, and with that stupid crazy eye being so dang popular nowadays...”

(Naruto pulls out a few smoke bombs and pops them. A large abundance of smoke clogs a chunk of the forest. The perspective changes to Tobi’s, he has his back up against large tree trunk. The top fraction of his mask is terribly fractured.)

Tobi (in thought): “He’s lightning fast in that mode, didn’t even have the time to activate my jutsu.”

(Tobi peaks his head out and spots Naruto 15 yards away, traversing slowly through the brush, with his back facing. Tobi quickly draws back to his hiding spot.

Meanwhile, the perspective focuses back on Naruto’s, as he’s trying to make as less noise as possible. Seconds later, Naruto is ambushed from behind by Roushi and Han. Naruto turns to face them, instantly, Naruto slumps to his knees, as his soul is latched onto out by Utakata, who managed to flank Naruto. Roushi and Han grasp Naruto by the arms. Fuu zips in front of Naruto and punches him in the gut while he’s being restrained by the others. This disperses Naruto, which is revealed to have been a clone.

In another scene, Naruto is seen walking through the woods once more. He hears noise approaching rapidly from the rear. He turns around and notices that it’s Killer Bee, who has his Samehada drawn.)

Naruto: “*sigh of relief* I’m sure as heck glad to see you!” (Killer Bee lands in front of Naruto.)
Killer Bee: “Ditto, yo.” (Naruto nods.)

Naruto: “My clone fell into one of their traps; that should buy us a little time. I’m heading straight for that imposter, watch my back.”

(Killer Bee nods, the scene switches over to the Kages vs. Madara. Raikage is gripping Madara’s Susano-o from behind. Raikage then arcs his back backwards, this lifts Susano-o up just enough so that Gaara can send large volumes of sand under the opening, Madara cancels Susano-o, only to have a Jinton triangular shape launched towards him, Madara absorbs the technique only to eat a Lariat from Raikage.

Madara’s body is rag dolled, tumbling and flopping all across the ground below. Mei who happens to be near the area expels a large puddle of water on the ground in which Madara lay. Raikage lands next to the puddle, and touches it with his foot. The electricity travels all across it and continuously shocks Madara into place. Gaara, Tsunade, and Onoki accompany them.

Onoki: “That’s right you two! Don’t let up!”

(The scene switches over to Naruto vs. Tobi. Naruto and Bee escapes into the open plain. About 15ft ahead, Tobi exits a portal and is in front of them. The minions surround Naruto and Bee, so the both of them puts their backs together. Naruto points his finger at Tobi.)

Naruto: “End of the LINE whoever the hell you are!”
Tobi: “Watch your impudent mouth!” (The minions inches themselves closer to Naruto and Bee.)

Naruto: “Killer Bee, I’m goin’ for this phony. Shadow clone jutsu! (Naruto makes five shadow clones. Killer Bee puts a short-sword in his mouth, another short sword in his left hand, and wield Samehada one handed with his right.) These guys should back you up!” (Naruto jumps out of one fray and lands into another as he stands face to face with Tobi.)

Tobi: “It seems you’ve come into some new powers. But I also have new fangs to bare!” (Tobi points his his Rinnegan.)
Naruto: “You’re not Madara, so who are you!” (Tobi launches towards Naruto.)
Tobi: “No more words-let our wills do the talking!”


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