Oct 3, 2011

Naruto 558 Confirmed Spoilers Raw Scans Predictions Spoilers

Naruto 558
Here is a prediction spoiler for your to enjoy.
Naruto 558: The Truth Behind the Illusion

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Naruto 558
Title: The Truth Behind the Illusion
Verification : Prediction Spoiler (FanFic)

Sasuke: Naruto?!

His face changes from surprised confusion to raging anger

Madarra: (I better intervene before its too late)
Itachi: Madarra your eyes are looking as good as ever...

Madara strikes out at the Sasuke holding Kabuto, his arm is black showing that he's hardened it. Sasuke explodes into a burst of lightning (lightning clone).
He jumps back holding onto Kabuto.

Madarra: Release Itachi now! Or you die here!
Kabuto: Kukuku Itachi is really something else isn't he, to think he managed to figure out your secret too. Kabuto creates some seals with his hand.
Edo release! there its done, but he has broken out of control of my technique already, you still have to kill him to protect your secret kukuku.

Sasuke: What are you doing?!!

Itachi bursts into numerous crows and flies down the cliff, they shoot straight towards Sasuke and reform directly in front of him.

Itachi: We need to talk Brother, Tsukoyomi!
Madarra: No!!!

Scene switch to Naruto

9 Tails: Uchiha Madarra died at the valley of the end of this there is no doubt as I felt it as I was taken from him by Senju Hashirama, but yet he still lives. This is most likely due to 'THAT' accursed eye technique. However one thing has been clear since his return.
9 Tails: He no longer has use of his EMS!
Naruto: What??
9Tails: It is the ultimate form of the sharingan, a MS user like sasuke or Kakashi will slowly lose their sight from overuse of it but someone whot takes the eyes of another compatible MS user will gain the EMS.
9Tails: A EMS user's sight will never deteriorate, and a new power will be unlocked to them.
Naruto:?! What new power?!
9 Tails: I know not which one in particular it was, Madarra already had his abilities when he gained possession of me. Even so it is most likely different for each user. One thing is certain though, he never had these phasing and teleporting abilities that he's been using since his return.
Naruto: He Didn't?!
9 Tails: NO! if he had had those along with his other techniques and with me he would have been an unbeatable monster! How he has gained these abilities since then I don't know... but I do know what he's after.

Scene Switch to Sasuke and Itachi

They are both in the shifting world of Tsukoyomi. Standing opposite each other facing each other down.

Sasuke: Why would he be after my eyes?!
Itachi: Still so blind little brother even with my eyes. I had hoped you would go back to Konoha, live a happy life it is why I didn't tell you the truth about Madarra before. I had hoped you'd have your friends when he came looking for you... not be alone.
Sasuke: Madarra told me the truth about what happened! what they made you do! what they did to our clan! I know about his war and could care less, let him destroy the world as long as I can destroy Konoha.

Itachi: ha 'do you know what Madarra's moons eye plan is sasuke, did he tell you?
Itachi: His moon's eye plan is the biggest illusion cast over this world...this war!
Itachi: This from the very start has always been about him regaining his former power and your eyes.
Sasuke: why does he need my eyes?! This is Uchiha Madarra!
Itachi: Because he lost his own when he fought Senju Hashirama at the valley of the end. One of his eyes got destroyed during the battle itself and the last he sacrificed to protect his life.
Itachi: I don't know where he disappeared to or where he managed to get his eyes before the Uchiha massacre but I believe it has something to do with Zetsu and his current abilities.
Sasuke: Zetsu? Abilities?
Itachi: in all the records or history books of Konoha never has Uchiha Madarra ever been mentioned to have the teleporting or phasing abilities he now has.
I never figured out where he learned those or where Zetsu came from but his intentions have been obvious.
Sasuke: What do I care what he wants?! this doesn't change anything!! he roars.

Sasuke turns his left and right as if looking how to get out.

Itachi: you can't escape Sasuke... not this time...listen to what i have to say.
madarra is a shell of his former self, Akatsuki, this war has all been about two things. The first for you to gain my eyes once I died and gain the EMS and the second for you to either kill naruto or die by his hands.
Itachi: Madarra has always had one single and clear aim...to get back the EMS he lost and to have the power and control that he has always been denied. This war has been the biggest illusion, its sole purpose was to weaken all the hidden villages and above all to get you and Naruto to fight.
Itachi: If Naruto kills you then he would take your eyes and kill naruto with the combine powers of the EMS and rinnegan and take the nine tails. If you killed Naruto he would take the nine tails and then kill you and take your eyes. And then, finally he would take control over all the hidden villages and rule over them and the ninja world.
Itachi:... do you understand now Sasuke...the nine tails rampage, the suspions against the Uchiha, the massacre...everything that has happened up till now! That is the real moons eye plan, the greatest illusion cast over this world all so that Uchiha madarra could once more live again!!!

Next Week: Kabuto's Trump Card!!!

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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