Oct 4, 2011

One Piece 641 Confirmed Spoilers Predictions Raw Scans

One Piece 641
The Prediction Spoiler is here!
One Piece 641: Zoro vs Hyouzou

One Piece 641 Confirmed Spoilers  One Piece 641 Predictions
One Piece 641 Spoilers  One Piece 641 Raw Scans
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One Piece 641
Title: Zoro vs Hyouzou
Verification : Prediction Spoiler
Credits : Blackleg Sanji

PG 1

Hody Jones: Jihahahaha!!! Thats right Noah!!! Crush all who oppose me!!!
Luffy:*glares and grabs him by his collar*
Hody Jones:?!
Luffy:*flings him into Noah*

PG 2
Hody Jones:*recovers from the impact and grins* Enrage all you want Strawhat! There's nothing you do to me that will stop Noah from destroying Fi- *gasps in horror*
Luffy:*enlarges his arm with Gear 3rd and activates Armaments Haki and hammers his giant fist down* Giant Mallet

PG 3
Hody Jones:*is hit and crashes down to the bottom of the sea. He lays injured and bloody*
Luffy:*arm turns back to normal* Ok, now I can focus on that ship!
Manboshi: amazing, He took him out in one shot.
Shirahoshi: Luffy-sama is so strong.
Fukaboshi:*thinks* We couldnt so much as scratch Hody. Just how strong is this human?

PG 4
Zoro:*skids back and stands* Dont you have any deadlier skills?
Hyouzou:Ho hi hi hi hi, of course I do, I just usually dont need to use any other moves on my prey.
Zoro:*grins* Well you better start using them, otherwise fate will turn you into my prey.
Hyouzou:*looks at him with muderous intent* Eight- Sword Style:....

PG 5
Hyouzou:*jumps high in the air and dives down with all his blades* Sake Spear
Zoro:*jumps back and his feet are grabbed by tentacles*

PG 6
Zoro:*looks as blades try to stab him from all directions* Three-Sword Style:.......
Hyouzou: Now you die!!!~
Zoro:*'spins at the last minute and defects the swords while chopping the two tentacles in little pieces*' Daibutsu Giri
Fishman Pirates: Hyouzou-san got cut??!!!?!
Hyouzou:*in pain*Hic?!

PG 7
Zoro:*stops spinning and attempts to cut him with all three blades* Three- Sword Style:......
Hyouzou:*attempts to block with all his remaining tentacle blades*Howiiii~
Zoro:*breaks the swords and cuts him upward leaving 3 deep wounds*Wolverine Hunt

PG 8
Hyouzou:*jumps away and looks at him*
Zoro:*runs at him*
Hyouzou:*launches at him* that all you got?!
Zoro:*grins and blocks his swords easily with his mouth wielded blade*
Hyouzou:*is pushed and thinks* why cant I stop his charge?~

PG 9
Zoro:*darts by him while cutting him*
Hyouzou:*falls back and drops to the ground*

PG 10
Hyouzou:*barely stands up* Im gonna slice you up good for that. *takes out his sake bottle and trys to take a sip*
Zoro:*looks and slices it in half from afar*
Zoro:Sorry, but I was taught to only drink after battle. And only if you are the winner. Only the winner deserves the last drink.
Hyouzou:" Only the winner deserves the last drink"?

PG 11
Hyouzou:*lunges at him with one blade* What stupid asshole said that?!?!
Zoro:*glares and slashes him with an oni giri strike* Oni Giri
Hyouzou:*sword shatters as he bleeds and passes out*
Zoro:*stands and starts to put sheathes his mouth blade*It was.....
Flashback: *Zoro and Mihawk clashing*
Zoro:*grins* my most hated teacher.

PG 12
Wadatsumi:*is on his knees and pants* Ow ow ow ow ow!! Stop hurting me!!
Sanji:*points at him from below* No way!!! You havent suffered enough yet!!
Jinbe:*next to sanji* As long as you continue to work for Hody I will not stop striking you!
Wadatsumi:*glares and raises a fist* then die already!!

PG 13
Wadatsumi:*smashes down*
Sanji:*appears infront of his face* You got him Jinbe?!
Jinbe:*holds the giants arm down*Yes!! Now attack!!
Sanji:*grins* with pleasure!!

PG 14
Sanji:*spins at him and kicks with both feet while pummeling his face in* Spectrum Shot
Wadatsumi:*coughs blood and is pushed back as his face is caved in. He is pushed to the wall of the plaza*
Sanji:*falling to the ground* Your up Jinbe!!!!
Jinbe:*jumps up*right!!!
Wadatsumi:*removes hands from his face and looks in horror*No moooorre!!

PG 15
Sanji:*prepares to launch Jinbe, like he does Zoro*Arme de lair.....
Jinbe:*readies himself*Fishman....
Sanji:*launches him*Karate Shoot!!

PG 16
Jinbe:*rams his fist into Wadatsumi and leaves a crator as big as the giant on him*
Wadatsumi:*coughs blood and is pushed completely out of the plaza. He falls and lays unconcious*
Fishman Pirate: they beat Wadatsumi!
Fishman Pirate: theres no way they did that!
Jinbe:*turns to them*Anyone else still want to fight?
Fishman Pirates:?!

PG 17
Sanji:*walks up* yeah, what he said. I still have burning rage to spare.
Fishman Pirate:What the hell are these guys?!
Fukaboshi:*gets into Noah's path* Are you sure about the Luffy?
Luffy:Yea, Im rubber so I can handle it.
Noah:*continues to fall*

PG 18
Luffy:*grins and bites both thumbs* Gear 3rd *both arm grow big enough to grab Noah*
Fukaboshi:*looks in awe as Luffy tries to push the ship* Incredible......
Luffy:*struggles* Sorry if I break this ship alittle!!
Noah:*gets tilted and falls next to the Island*

PG 19
Hody Jones:*wakes up and sees Noah about to fall on him*?!
Noah:*lands on him*
Luffy:*lays on Fukaboshi*Jinbeeeeee, you owe me sooooo much meat!!


Be it a spoiler or just predictions,  I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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