Sep 19, 2011

One Piece 640 Confirmed Spoilers Predictions Raw Scans

One Piece 640
The Prediction Spoiler is here!
One Piece 640: The Flaming Human and the Knight of Sea Fishman

One Piece 640 Confirmed Spoilers  One Piece 640 Predictions
One Piece 640 Spoilers  One Piece 640 Raw Scans
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One Piece 640

One Piece 640
Title: The Flaming Human and the Knight of Sea Fishman
Verification : Prediction Spoiler
Credits : Blackleg Sanji

PG 1

Usopp:*fires more pop greens at the fishman pirates*Green Star: Devil
Fishman Pirates:*some are squeezed and eaten by the huge plants*What the hell is this? Where is he getting these damn plants?
Usopp:*looks up at Wadatsumi* I cant beleive Sanji and Jinbe are gonna fight that guy. Oh well better them than me.
???:*a huge impact is seen a yard away from him*Kya!!!!!

PG 2

Daruma:*coughing blood*Damn Kya!! Damn Kya!!
Chopper:*in his brain point*As a doctor, I have to tell you that fighting me isn't good for your health. Just stop fighting already!
Daruma:Dont patronize me you mini coral basterd!!
Chopper:These are horns dammit!!!
Daruma:*reaches behind his back*It was an accident, but maybe that drunk Hyouzou has the right idea.

PG 3

Daruma:*holds out two hands full of energy steroids*Im gonna go all out too.
Chopper:*gasps* Energy Steroids? I read about those! They'll.....
Daruma:*stuffs the pills down his throat*Save it!!!
Chopper:*tranforms and stands in his fighting stance*Kung-Fu Point

PG 4

Chopper:*glares at him* How can you harm your own lifespan like it was nothing?!
Daruma:*yells in pain*Kyaaaaa!!!!! *pants and stands as tall and skinny as Brook*

PG 5

Daruma:*looks at him while slouching* What're talking bout dumbass? I feel amazing!! Kya!!
Chopper*glares at him*Thats not what your voice is telling me.
Daruma:*darts at him*
Chopper:*stands ready*

PG 6

Chopper:*effortlessly dodges him*
Daruma:*takes down 20 of his subbordnates*
Chopper:*appears above him and axe kicks at his head*
Daruma:*is hit and his whole upperbody is driven underground*
Fishman Pirate: was Daruma-san already beaten?

PG 7

Daruma:*vanishes and grabs chopper's feet*
Daruma:*mouth and head grows huge and big enough to eat 4 Choppers* I'll gnash you into dust!!! Kyaa!!!
Chopper:*is entraped in his mouth*
Fishman Pirates:Yeaaahh!!! Daruma-san ate him!!
Chopper:Kung-Fu Kokutei.....

PG 8

Chopper:*breaks free and shatters Daruma's teeth*Roadhouse
Chopper:*lands on his feet*
Daruma:*falls to a knee and holds mouth* Damn you Kya!!!

PG 9

Wadatsumi:*brings his fists down*Wahh!!
Sanji/Jinbe:*jump away and each land on a arm*
Wadatsumi:*quickly raises his arms*get off!!!!
Jinbe:*lands to the ground*
Sanji:*appears infront of his face*Yo.

PG 10

Jinbe:*infront of the giant's feet*Fishman Karate:....*thrusts both fists at the feet to send airbourne blows to them* Double 1,000 Shark Tile Brick Fist
Wadatsumi:*feet are blown back to make the giant tilt forward*What the?!
Sanji:*spins rapidly at him while in the air* Party Table....*kicks him 5 times in the middle of his face* Gyro Kick Course

PG 11

Wadatsumi:*tilts and coughs blood from the attack*Guhaa!!
Fishman Pirates:Oh no!!!
Wadtsumi:*crashes on them*
Jinbe:*looks at him*

PG 12

Wadtsumi:*wakes up and looks to see Jinbe and Sanji standing on his forhead*
Sanji/Jinbe: It's over!

PG 13

Wadatsumi:*hits at his forhead*SHUT UP!!!
Sanji:*high in the air*ready Jinbe?
Jinbe:Of course!
Sanji:* leg heats up leg*Diable Jambe......
Jinbe:*fists water up*Fishman Karate....

PG 14

Wadatsumi:*recovers from hitting himself and looks in the sky to see two spinning twisters, one of fire and one of water, coming towards him*Wahhh!!! What is that?!
Fishman Pirates: move Wadatsumi!!!
Wadatsumi:*crying* I cant!! My legs are broken and my head hurts too much!!

PG 15

Sanji:*drives his flaming foot into his gut*Comet Shot
Jinbe:*drives his water fist into his chest*Whaleshark Brick Fist
Wadatsumi:*coughs blood*AAHH!!!!!!!!!
Fishman Pirates:*look shocked*

PG 16

Wadatsumi:*lays defeated*
Sanji/Jinbe:*land back on the ground and look at the pirates* Who's next?
Fishman Pirates:*shiver and run away*This is suicide!!! We cant fight people who can easily take down that mega giant!! We are going to die!!
Zeo:*looks shocked* No way......
Nami:*infront of him* Yep that's Sanji-kun for you. I guess the same can be said about Jinbe-chan too.

PG 17

Zeo:*glares and twirls his chain* How dare you commet like that human witch!!
Usopp:*grabs his chain*Hey, its not nice to call people names pal.
Zeo:Another one?!
Usopp:*pulls the chain to bring him closer*

PG 18

Usopp:*punches him in the face*
Zeo:*is hit and slides on the ground*
Usopp: Hey Nami, I'll take this guy. I need payback for Surume.
Nami:*smiles* fine, but you owe me 200 belis for this.
Zeo:*gets up* you'll take me?

PG 19

Zeo:*glares* Consider that the last lie you ever tell.
Usopp:*grins* Really? I have alot more in me.
Fight Block: Usopp vs Zeo

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