Sep 19, 2011

Naruto 556 Confirmed Spoilers Raw Scans Predictions Spoilers

Naruto 556
Here is a prediction spoiler for your to enjoy.
Naruto 556: A Surprise Attack

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Naruto 556
Title: A Surprise Attack
Verification : Prediction Spoiler (FanFic)
Credits : Vishnu

We see itachi fly off into the distance. Temari's team have finished sealing the raikage. Temari walks over to naruto and puts a hand his shoulder.

Temari: Thank you Naruto, you really saved us there
Naruto: ha well I wouldn't want to face shikamaru if I had let his girlfriend get hurt!

Temari: what?!!! She punches naruto in the face sending him flying, he lands crashing to the ground

Naruto: only kidding!!!!! Naruto's grin suddenly turns to surprise as he realises he's not with temari anymore.

Nine tails: I don't care about your jokes runt it's time!

Scene switches to black zetsu

Zetsu: ...don't ask me why, but that was close! I'm glad we changed before this war started or it would be over!

You see black zetsu half emerging out of a tree, Madarra and his 6 edo's are standing on branches all around.

Madarra: This is sooner than I expected but sasuke is still a predictable Uchiha, I was hoping he'd be more docile until his fight with naruto.

Zetsu: should I go back or take care of sasuke now
Madarra: no, you go back sasuke is far beyond what you can do now, even with your seeds he's too strong fully rested. Leave him to me. You continue with your original instructions.

Zetsu disappears into the tree. Madarra looks at his troupe and carelessly taps his mask in thought.

Madarra: (selfish kids always cause the most trouble) Fine I'll have to let you guys do this alone.

He slowly swirls into nothing as the edo's shoot off to their destination.

Switch back to naruto

Naruto: what do you mean it's time?!

9 tails: I've had enough of you brat! The nine tails roars at naruto.'you steal my power, lock me in this cage. I'VE HAD ENOUGH'!!!

Naruto is pushed back by the force of the roar.

9 tails: i've been used by many Shinobi in the past, they've all used me for their own ends, seen me nothing more than an animal or a tool but they've all FEARED ME!!

Naruto braces himself against the force of the shockwave that comes towards him.

9 tails: But NOONE has shown me such disrespect as you have now Uzumaki Naruto, to use me and discard me as such! So now I will give you your chance!

Naruto: 9 tails! I never meant to

9 tails: ENOUGH!! I know the ideas you've had since meeting the hachibi. So now you have your chance to make me your partner!

Naruto:!!! Why? I know you still don't want to so why??

9 tails: because anything is better than this!!! And if you pass the test...then you more so than any Shinobi before you deserve to be my equal!

Naruto:! Test? What test?!!

9 tails: A fight! Winner take all.

Naruto has a shocked look on his face but then smiles, 'we've already fought nine tails do we really have to...

9 tails: you fool! Do you.really think I was trying to kill you?!

9 tails: I've never wanted to kill you before now, only take you over completely so I can be free. If I killed you I would die as well and though I would come back in time it is not something to hope for.


9 tails: But as I said Uzumaki Naruto, anything is better than this! so if you win this fight then you have me, if you lose you die!! Do you agree?!


9 tails: and you are forbidden to use my power in this battle, defeat me on your own Uzumaki naruto. Show me the power that even Uchiha Madarra fears!!
Naruto: the power Uchiha Madarra fears?! What do you know about
9 tails: Yes or No Uzumaki Naruto I'm not your partner until you defeat me!

Naruto looks at the nine tails for a moment and then smiles 'how can I say no when you show me such respect nine tails'. He stretches out his hand and the Bars of the cage fly away. ' let's do it'!!

Scene switches to kabuto

Kabuto has his eyes closed and his hands formed into a seal, there is movement behind him.

Kabuto: you took your time, I've been waiting to pay you back for a while now itachi, you have not been very helpful.

A sword pierces through his shoulder from behind, lightning running across it's edge.


- will kabuto be taken down soo easily, what will sasuke do next!!
Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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