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One Piece 639 Confirmed Spoilers Predictions Raw Scans

One Piece 639
The Prediction Spoiler is here!
One Piece 639: The Ways of the Old

One Piece 639 Confirmed Spoilers  One Piece 639 Predictions
One Piece 639 Spoilers  One Piece 639 Raw Scans
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One Piece 639

One Piece 639 : The Ways of the Old
Verification : Prediction Spoiler
Credits : Blackleg Sanji

PG 1

Shirahoshi:*sprouts out to the sea floor*
Noah:*emeges after her and crashes onto the sea*
Shirahoshi:*goes back to the sea and stops to look at the ship* It stopped?
Manboshi:*next to the ship* It should still be following Shirahoshi even above sea. Lets check it out Ryubo-
Vander Decken:aaaahhh!!!!

PG 2

Vander Decken:*stumbles back as he holds his wound*You stabbed me you basterd!!! I think!!
Hody Jones:*looks down at him*Jihahaha!!! You stabbed me in the back, so consider us even.
Vander Decken:*coughs blood and smiles* You fool.
Hody Jones: hm?

PG 3

Noah:*starts to sink*
Ryuboshi:its sinking!!
Manboshi:Of course it is, Noah isnt ready to be above the sea yet! Even worse the ship is going to go down all the way to bottom of the sea!
Shirahoshi: isnt that where it's supposed to be?
Manboshi: Yes but......

PG 4

Manboshi: Fishman Island is right under its path.
Hody Jones:You son of a bitch!! Even in death you still betray me!!
Vander Decken:*dying*Bahohoho..... Why dont you go save your kingdom? your majesty.

PG 5

Hody Jones:*jumps to the sea*dammit!!
Vander Decken:*closes his eyes*Bahoho.....
???:Kehehe, that power of yours is troublesome.
Vander Decken:*gasps*
Caribou:*stands over him* It'd be more useful in the possession of someone holy, dont you think?

PG 6

Vander Decken:*glares and throws knives at him* Shut up!!
Caribou:*knives sink inside him*
Vander Decken:what the hell?
Caribou:Vander Decken XI. Yes.....
Vander Decken:*is being covered in swamp*?!

PG 7

Caribou: I dont like kidnapping male fishman, but even dead, you will make a good price on the black market.
Fukaboshi:*gasps*Noah is sinking back down? It'll hit Fishman Island at this rate!
Luffy:Say what?!
Manboshi/Ryuboshi:*swim after it and try to push it to the side*

PG 8

Noah:*barely badges as it sinks*
Ryuboshi: This isnt working!! Fa-se-do!!
Manboshi: Dont let up!!
Hody Jones:*behind them*Jeheheh, need assistance?

PG 9

Noah:*is struck by a huge blow and crashes down to the sea floor*
Ryuboshi/Manboshi:*get up in pain*
Shirahoshi:*looks down at them* Big Brothers!!!
Fukaboshi:*glares* damn that Jones!!
Luffy: lets go kick his ass!!

PG 10

Manboshi:*sees a crack in the ships hull* Hody you fiend!! Damage to this ship is a sin!!
Hody Jones:*looks down on them* Maybe to the ways of old. But my rule will make that seem alot less worrysome.
Manboshi/Ryuboshi:*lunge at him* shut your mouth!!

PG 11

Hody Jones:*arm waters up and he readies his trident* bring it on!
Hody Jones/Ryuboshi/Manboshi:*clash with each other for a few panels*
Manboshi:*is kicked into a rock*
Hody Jones:*looks at him*tell me.....

PG 12

Hody Jones:*swims past him and slices with his kirisame* where are you looking?!
Ryuboshi:*chest bleeds*gah!!
Hody Jones:*looks at him and grins*Jihahahaha!!!
Manboshi:*weakly looks at his brother and pants*
Hody Jones:*pulls arm back*now to kill you. Ya- *arm is grabbed*?!

PG 13

Hody Jones:*looks behind him*J-Jinbe?!
Jinbe:Did you forget that I am the protector of the ways of old Jones? *throws him aside*
Hody Jones:*crashes though 3 boulders*
Luffy:*arriving with Fukaboshi*Jinbe, that was so cool!!

PG 14

Fukaboshi:*over ryuboshi*brother are you alright?
Ryuboshi:*smiling*Im great. Fa-se-do.
Jinbe:Luffy-kun, personally I think either of us could defeat Hody, but we should maybe work together so we can hurry and end this.

PG 15

Hody Jones:*regains his compossure*damn that Jinbe!!
Fukaboshi:Jinbe-san, what happened at the plaza?
Jinbe: the fighting there no longer required me. Luffy-kun's crew and the officers of the New Fishman Pirates all that remain. I must say Luffy.kun, your crew is amazing.
Luffy: shishishi, of course they are!

PG 16

Luffy:They're the crew of the pirate king!!
Chopper/Daruma:*skid back to their own crews*
Chopper:*brain point* these guys refuse to stay down! We've beaten them 4 times already!

PG 17

Usopp:*glares and folds arms* It's those damn pills they keep taking at the last minute. It gives them enough of a push to get back on their feet.
Zoro:kinda disappointing. I got serious too early in the battle. This is getting sad.
Daruma:Kya!! This isnt working!! We need to kill them already!!
Zeo: It's risky, but I have a plan.
Daruma:what is it? Dont hold out on us!!

PG 18

Zeo: we copy our captain and become monsters.
Ikaros Much:Are you nuts-ch?! Captain Hody almost died becoming what he is-ch!
Zeo: If you want to win it must be done!
Hyouzou: well if it helps me get paid in the end, I dont care about dying.
Dosun: lets do it!! Zugan!!

PG 19

New Fishman Pirates:*scream in pain*
Sanji:what the hell are these basterds doing?
Chopper:*shivers* Im hearing alot of crazy voices!!
Nami:they're changing!!
New Fishman Pirates:*stand together and are changed like Hody*
Daruma:*stands tall like Nightmare Luffy*
Zeo:*all white and his tentacle mouth hangs down like a long beard*
Dosun:*very skinny and muclar*
Ikaros Much:*taller and his arms are 3xs longer. his beard is now white*
Hyouzou:*hair is white and his eyes are crazy as he holds a sword in all his tentacles and hands*

Be it a spoiler or just predictions,  I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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