Sep 12, 2011

Naruto 555 Confirmed Spoilers Raw Scans Predictions Spoilers

Naruto 555
Here is a prediction spoiler for your to enjoy.
Naruto 555: The Path of Darkness

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Naruto 555
Title: Kabuto's Path
Verification : Prediction Spoiler (FanFic)
Credits : Vishnu

Scene shows Naruto strugiling to make the bijuu bomb

Naruto: if i could just get the ratio!

The third raikage dashes towards Naruto and in an instant he gives him a punch that throws Naruto through some rocks and in the ground makimg a giant crater.

Naruto: Damn, it feels like every bone in my body was broken. And i can't make the biju bomb yet. Guess that's my only chance!*

He makes the kage bushin sign and two clones appear
Naruto: Go!

Raikage is suddenly in front of Naruto and throws a series of punches throwing Naruto back.

Naruto: shit! If this goes any longer i'm done for it!

*Raikage charges up his chakra to the max and around his arm appears black lightning. His fist is now enveloped in black lightning and he prepars to deliver the blow to Naruto's head!

Random cloud shinobi: Naruto!!! Run! If he hits you with that your body will be disintegrated! It's his most powerful jutsu!

The Raikage throws his punch at Naruto and a big explosion emerges affecting the area on a radius of 5 km.

After the dust clears the scene shows Naruto standing in one knee and holding Raikage's fist in one hand. His face is not seen.

Random cloud ninja: That's impossible! He...he...he stoped Raikage's ultimate punch? What is he?

Temari: are the same like the time you defeated are full of surprises!

Naruto stands up, still holding Raikage's fist and opens his eyes. We see his sage mode combined with RS mode.

Naruto: this is the end old man.

He gives Raikage a kick and sends him away and before the raikage hits the earh, he appears behind him giving another kick.*

Naruto calls the other clone and yells: Let's do it!

He puts his hands in front and makes another two chakra hands. The clone also puts in hand in front of the real Naruto and slowly they make the bijuu bomb.

Naruto: this thing it's not that hard ! It seems that sage mode helps me a lot!*
Raikage rises from the dust and prepares another black lightning punch.
Naruto: I'm sorry old man, but it's over. Bijuu-dama!!!
He throws the bijuu bomb *and the raikage tries to punch it but the bijuu bomb envelops him in a black sphere of energy.

Temari: Sealing team! Get ready! This time is for real!
Naruto smiles as the bijuu bomb destroys raikage but he suddenly collapses and his Rs mode runs out.*

Scene switched to Kabuto

Scene shows Kabuto in the center of a complex pentagram and making some handseals.
Kabuto: This time, i will do it!

An unknow figure lands near Kabuto.
Kabuto: So you comed Sasuke.
Sasuke: Who would have thought that you will be my first test subject. Get ready Kabuto. We will see how you can endure the wrath of the Uchiha!

Sasuke dashes towards Kabuto and in the last second Kabuto dodges him, but Sasuke turns around and gives him a kick throwing him in the wall. He opens his left eye wide and shouts: Amateratsu!
The black flames are going straight to Kabuto but he makes two handsigns, points his hand towards the flames and says: Sealing jutsu! negate!
The amateratsu is sucked into Kabuto's hand and he makes another handsign and says: Reverse sealing! *
The flames are thrown back at Sasuke from Kabuto's hand , but Sasuke smiles ironically.
Sasuke: You loser. Eternal Mangekyou! Black hole!
A black hole appears in front of Sasuke and the amateratsu flames went straight in.
Sasuke smiles again and says: This is the end Kabuto. Prepare to witness the true power of the Sharingan. He points his hand to Kabuto. Eternal Mangekyou! Darkness Bea...
He is intrerupted by Madara who materialize to catch his hand.
Madara: Enough Sasuke. You can't use that in a close space. And right now he is our allied.*
Kabuto thinking: what was that technique he was about to use! It felt so demonic that it completely paralized me from the moment he stared at me!
Sasuke: Whatever. I'm heading towards the battlefront. I will confront Naruto.
Madara: Not yet Sasuke. Why don't we both go to Konoha first?
Sasuke: Don't order me around Madara. I will do as i please!
Madara: Naruto will be protected by an entire army right now Sasuke. It would be wiser to atract him to Konoha and destroy him there. You hit two birds with one stone. You destroy Konoha and you get your chance to fight with Naruto.
Sasuke: I see. Anyway don't get to friendly Madara! You're next Fter i finish with Naruto!
Madara thinking: Good...everything goes according to my plan. I will capture the Kyuubi and i will retrieve the EMS after this.
Madara: Let's go then Sasuke!
Sasuke: I will be back after you Kabuto. This isn't over.

As Sasuke and Madara are leaving Kabuto is left alone.

Kabuto: Good. Madara didn't suspect anything. Time to go on with my plan!
With the samples i've collected from a living senju, a living Uzumaki, a living Uchiha and the Zetsu body i will suceed!
Kabuto brings some small flacons containg blood. He makes the summoning handsigns and a Zetsu body appears on the ground. He spills the blood on the zetsu body.
Kabuto: And the vessel body...i think that's enough for the invocation... He makes some complicate hand signs and a purple pentagram appears on the place where the zetsu corpse is.
Kabuto: Seal breaking ressurection technique!
A sudden flash of light appears and a human form is seen through the light

Kabuto : Welcome back to our world...Sage of the six paths!

End of Episode
Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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