Sep 7, 2011

One Piece 638 Spoilers CONFIRMED (title: Runawayhoshi)

One Piece 638
The CONFIRMED Spoiler is here!
One Piece 638: Runawayhoshi

One Piece 638 Confirmed Spoilers  One Piece 638 Predictions
One Piece 638 Spoilers  One Piece 638 Raw Scans
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One Piece 638 Confirmed Spoilers  One Piece 638 Predictions
One Piece 638 Spoilers  One Piece 638 Raw Scans

One Piece 638 : Runawayhoshi
Verification : Confirmed Spoiler
Credits : Aohige_AP
Source: AP

Cover: Alabasta Kingdom. Koza,the Royal Minister of Enviroment

Shirahoshi runs to the sea, but the front gate is too far so she found a different exit
Jinbe cautions Luffy that strength of a fishman underwater is far more powerful than on land
Sanji does the Armée de L'Air Rubber Shot to shoot Luffy past two bubbles, and Luffy grabs onto the Noah's chains.
Hody is on the chain ahead of him

Luffy sees down, and sees the denizens of the island desperately trying to slow down Noah
Hody shoots Yabusame at them mercilessly, and Luffy is pissed

Shirahoshi heads to the passage leading to Ryuuguu Palace entrance, and exits to the sea from there
The Noah chases her, dragging Luffy into the sea. He uses the bubble from the coral and gets in, but Hody comes after him

Decken throws knives at Shirahoshi again, but the three princes protects her
The Princes were told by Neptune that the Ark of Noah should not be harmed.
Shirahoshi flees to above, and the two of the brothers and Hoe the whale goes after Decken.
Luffy was saved by Fukaboshi, but Hody brings out a sword named Kirisame, shaped like the fin of a shark, and swims towards him
Luffy flees to the deck of Noah, but Hody got there first.

Hody stabs Decken with a spear!!
Hody: What will happen to this ship if you die... Decken?

End of Chapter

Be it a spoiler or just predictions,  I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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