Sep 7, 2011

Naruto 554 Confirmed Spoilers Raw Scans Predictions Spoilers

Naruto 554
Here is a prediction spoiler for your to enjoy.
Naruto 554: The Path of Darkness

Naruto 554 : Confirmed Spoilers  Naruto 554 : Predictions
Naruto 554: Spoilers Naruto 554: Raw Scans

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Naruto 554
Title: The Path of Darkness
Verification : Prediction Spoiler (FanFic)
Credits : The Special One

(Sasuke’s body is highlighted by the light that shines through the cracks.)

Sasuke (in thought): “I should get armed after I’m adjusted to my powers. (Sasuke sinisterly grins as he speaks aloud) Then, I’ll finish what I set out do-It started with Danzou and it’ll end with ‘him’… That fool better not hold back on me, he’ll face against all I represent.

(Sasuke cancels Susano-o and leaps out of the crack in the ceiling of the cavern. Sasuke lands on the top of the large skeleton that stands in front of the Akatuski Lair. Sasuke then proceeds to stretch out his arms and legs.)

Fresh air, well, sort of. The chakra in this air is like fog… It seems a lot have been going on since I’ve been resting.” (The scene switches over to the battle held between Naruto and 3rd Raikage. A huge crater receives emphasis. From the sky, Naruto lands in the crater.)

Naruto: “That woulda been too easy...” (The scene focuses on Temari and the ninja behind her; they are amazed by the Rasen Shuriken that just hit the ground moments ago.)

Temari: “I want to question why he’s here, but how did he craft such a technique? I, I’ve heard stories that an unbeatable Atakuski foe was stopped in his tracks by him, but now, I see how…”

Dotoi: “It wasn’t wise to keep an asset such as he behind lock and key for this long. With his jutsu, he might just do it.”

(The scene focuses back on the descending Black Panther technique, which attempts to smash into the crater that Naruto stands it. Naruto forms two chakra hands to assist him in the creation of Fuuton: Rasengan. Naruto leaps forward and smashes Fuuton: Rasengan into the black lightning, the spiraling winds of Naruto’s jutsu dispels the black lightning but the resulting force from the collision sends Naruto downward into the crater once more. Naruto lay on his back. He looks up and spots the 3rd Raikage engulfed in Raiton shroud, descending with his body flattened, aiming to slam his body into him from just less than 10 ft’s distance.)

Naruto (in thought): He’s just like that old boss from the cloud… (Naruto quickly recovers and dashes out of the way, the 3rd Raikage quickly fix his posture so that his feet crash into the ground. He turns to face the back of the dashing Naruto and pursues him outside of the crater. Naruto turns around only to barely dodge being stung by the 3rd Raikage’s power hand by slipping his head out of the way. Naruto decides to deliver a blow of his own, a straight right to the 3rd Raikage’s face. It does nothing, the 3rd Raikage takes this opportunity to smack Naruto’s arm out of the way, causing Naruto to squint in pain and before Naruto can react, the 3rd Raikage headbutts him. As Naruto’s dazed, the 3rd Raikage grabs Naruto’s wrists with both hands, spins him in circles, and tosses him into the air… The 3rd Raikage continues the assault by leaping in the air and side kicking Naruto in the gut.)

Naruto: “OOOUHAAA!” (Naruto crashes into the ground some distances away from the 3rd Raikage. The scene focuses on Temari and the ninja.)

Temari: “Dammit... Stand up, Naruto!”

Dodoi: “The kid has lethal ninjutsu and is quick, but he’s brawling with the best of brawlers. He must create space for his ninjutsu… That’s a sure way to fend off such a powerful close ranged shinobi. We’ll step in and provide back-up.”

Temari: “I don’t believe that’s necessary, yet.”

Dodoi: “What I said earlier was brash; perhaps it was best that he stayed locked up. We could lose this war if he’s not protected.”

Temari: “We’ll step up when he no longer can.”

Dodoi: “You certainly have a lot of faith in the boy.”

(Temari has a flashback of Naruto being overwhelmed by Neji’s taijutsu onslaught during the first chunnin exam and a quick shift to Naruto upper cutting Neji. She then remembers herself and Kankuro carrying off their defeated brother after facing off against Naruto. Flashback cuts and the scene focus on the battle.

Naruto is seen back stepping as 3rd Raikage is shown cautiously approaching forward. The 3rd Raikage launches forward as Naruto throws out a chakra arm to his own side, which is rapidly extending to a surface to grab hold of. The 3rd Raikage is seconds from smashing Naruto’s face in, however, the chakra arm catches something and Naruto is quickly zipped into a side direction by the tether. The 3rd Raikage changes directions and pursues Naruto, as Naruto’s pulling himself away.

Naruto tosses another chakra arm with his free hand as he cancels the first chakra arm with the other. Due the target being of shorter distance, Naruto’s able to pull himself into a new direction quicker. Before the Raikage can adjust properly to Naruto’s changing directions, he’s hit by a Mini Rasen Shuriken that flew through the air. As the 3rd Raikage is engulfed in a small sphere of shredding wind, Naruto quickly dashes far away, leaps into the air, and by using the chakra hands branching off of his arm, creates a Rasen Shuriken.)

Naruto: “FINALLY!” (The Rasen Shuriken nears the 3rd Raikage as he’s still pinned by the continuing destruction of the Mini Rasen Shuriken. The scene focuses on Temari and the crew as everyone rises to their feet, the scene switches over to Kabuto’s location. Kabuto chuckles as a coffin surfaces from the ground, it opens, however, the scene switches over before more than a shadow is seen within its contents. Within a dark corridor, a figure is seen from behind. On closer inspection, it is revealed to be Sasuke, donning the new long sleeved black shirt, complete with his trademark wrist guards, and the typical articles that belonged to his attire, including his sword.)

Sasuke: “It finally begins.”

Next time: Sasuke is practiced and recovered! He sets eyes on his objective.

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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