Sep 26, 2011

Naruto 557 Confirmed Spoilers Raw Scans Predictions Spoilers

Naruto 557
Here is a prediction spoiler for your to enjoy.
Naruto 557: A Menacing Lust

Naruto 557 : Confirmed Spoilers  Naruto 557 : Predictions
Naruto 557: Spoilers Naruto 557: Raw Scans

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Naruto 557
Title: A Menacing Lust
Verification : Prediction Spoiler (FanFic)
Credits : Apocalypz

Tsuchikage looks on shocked as he witnesses the continuous assault of spontaneous explosions around the area.

Gaara: Tsuchikage dono please head back to HQ.
Tsuchikage: That much I cannot do Gaara san. I am here until the end my friend. Plus you don't know him like I do. He will continue his relentless onslaught until all of our fleet is dead.

Gaara:!!! We need to meet up with the rest of our squad..we need every able body. What options do we have at defeating his technique??
Tsuchikage: Only way we can defeat by finding the Mizukage first!


Naruto, Temari, Shikumaru and Dodai look on and witness the fury of blasts that take place 2 'o clock from their position....
Naruto: This aura! We need to meet up with Gaara and the rest of the division immediately. Something is not sitting right here. I'll leave a clone with you guys and push ahead. Naruto goes full Kyubi mode and darts toward their direction.
Shikamaru: He has become so this the same Naruto?

Riding the Heretical Demon through a secluded path.....

Madara: To think by this days end my plan will come to fruition. Suddenly from the ground Zetsu pops up. Zetsu: Madara Sasuke has escaped! He took off on his hawk summoning. He took out my clones as he left toward the battlefield. Madara: To think he wouldn't wait for my orders....keep an eye on him...If he ends up getting killed who will we trust to sync to Gedo Mazo? If anything preserve his eyes if you can! NOW GO! I will eliminate any threat that steps before my eyes!

On the battlefield...

Kakashi is seen down on one knee..
Sai: General Kakashi!!! Are you sure you can manage the rest on your own?

Kakashi: Black Hole Vacuum! Ringo, Kushimaru and Jinin are all sucked into the spiraling black hole. Kakashi attempts to sweep in the rest but he suddenly stops the jutsu grabbing his eye as he falls to the ground!
Kakashi: Pant Pant Pant!
Sai: Get him to Sakura or Shizune immediately as he points to a ninja! (Intense frown)
Sai: It's my turn now!

R A S E N G A N!!!

As Sai turns his head he sees Naruto standing their with a grim look on his face! The sealing team swoops in and restricts Jinpachi's movements.
Naruto: Sai what is going on...who are these guys? (Still shocked) Sai: (thinking) So this is the power of Uzumaki Naruto?
Sai: These are the mists seven swordsman! Those that are left are Fuguki and Mangestsu!
Naruto: Sai I will need you to help me...please aid me in finishing this!
Naruto: Hey Nara! You're Shikumaru's cousin right! So you can use the shadow mimic techniques?!
Nara: Yes we have already been using such strategies with little success.
Naruto: I have something in mind....

Naruto summons five clones, he instantly drops his cloak mode in the process. I can't keep up my kyuubi mode while taking on so many foes. All five Naruto's go sage mode.
Nara: Naruto I will try to keep up with your speed, and Yamanaka will switch bodies with you once you can get to the swordsman...
Naruto: If that doesn't work we will have a backup plan.
Nara: Hmmmm.  To think this kid now has backup plans....

Back to the Gaara and Tsuchikage battle...

Gaara has covered himself and the Tsuchikage in his panda bear absolute defense...I am running low on chakra. I have maybe one big play left.
Tsuchikage: With my old age....maybe Mizukage is right! Maybe I am an useless old turd. Gaara places his hand on the kage's back. He looks Tsuchikage stern in the face. DON'T BELIEVE A WORD OF IT! You are worth more than Gold! I could not do this without you Tsuchikage Sempai! The old man lifts his head up and smiles with a tense look. Well then let's go drop the bastard why don't we! Just then Naruto lands right beside them.
Naruto: Both your chakras are low, but please lend me what you have left. I am running low myself. The rest of the gang should be here in six or so minutes.
Gaara: Naruto if.....

Naruto: Gaara, we're friends..I will not allow you to sacrifice yourself for my well being....I am Uzumaki Naruto and I will be the greatest Hokage EVER! WE three will stop this menace here and today!

Tsuchikage: Naruto I have heard you can wield some potent wind jutsu. Gaara is capable of using his sand, with myself we can include fire and earth. I may not be able to utilize my dust techniques but I can offer aid in using my individual elements.

Naruto: So what are you getting at Grandpa?

Gaara: You aim to conjure up an ultimate move to go against the second Mizukage?!

Naruto: How?

Tsuchikage: Naruto how good are you at shape manipulation?


Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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