Sep 28, 2011

Naruto 556 Spoilers CONFIRMED (Title: The Steam's Dangerous Tyrrany)

Naruto 557
The Confirmed Spoiler is finally here!
Naruto 557: The Steam's Dangerous Tyrrany

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Naruto 557 : The Steam's Dangerous Tyrrany
Verification : Confirmed Spoiler
Credits : Yagami1211
Source : NF

NinA : Hail ?
Patience A hail…?
Oonoki : Due to the Steam Explosion, the raised up atmosphere turned cold due to the sky's low temperature, turned into hail, falling iceballs.

NinA : !?
NinB : What ... is it ?

The Steam Tyran's woke up.

NinB : They're getting smaller.

Oonoki : This is merely a replicate created by Mizukage's own oil and water.
I takes the shape of a kid. Even though there's only water inside the oil,
as he's being excitable and easy to cool down.
As the action is getting longer, the surface oil suddenly gets hotter, the water gets hotter and evaporates.
Becoming the Steam Explosion. Due to the hail, he's getting colder and colder, preparing for another explosion.

The water replicate starts running to the Ninjas.

NinA : It's coming.
Gaara : !!
As Gaara's let his sand out, the water replicate dodge.

Gaara : He's wat faster than I thought.

Oonoki : We don't know where is the real one. I'll deal with this one.
We have to hit the real one. While he's using his technique, his body would look like someone drunk.

Mizukage : (This Oonoki brat, he does know a lot about this. Damn you, Muu, damn you to hell !)

Senor Nin : ( With the Genjutsu dispelled, I could sense him. )
The real one is behind that rock !

The water replicate attacks the Earth Nins.

NinA : Guh !
NinB : *u*k ! This replicate is smart !
NinC : Are you okay ?
NinD : At least we catched up !

Oonoki : Aw, crap ! No my back again ! I can't catch a break, Can I ?

Mizukage : Ha ? The found me ?

Gaara : Before the hail stops, I'll seal you !
Gaara use sand.

The water replicate turns gigantic.
NinA : Seriously, what now ? The thing is getting enormous.

Oonoki : The more he's moving, the more the water will evaporate.
We'll get more hail then. His technique is still active.

The Mizukage is getting buried as the sand turns into a pyramid.

NinA : We got him !

Gaara put seal tags in the pyramid

Gaara : You're getting sealed.

The still active water replicate remove the seal tags.

Gaara : !!

As the pyramid is destroyed, the Mizukage comes out.

Mizukage : Hello, friends !

NinA : s*i* ! ( he's throws Shurikens )

Mizukage lets out his head like in some whack-a-mole game

Mizukage : I hated that pyramid, glad I got rid of it.
I'm one of the former five kage, you know ? As long as my oil is around, you will get nowhere. Useless sand jutsu is useless.
If you're going to seal me right away, that is.
I would be quite pleased to know how you are going to finish me.

Oonoki : How about you tell us ?

Mizukage : Again ? I'm done with this, sorry.

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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