Aug 24, 2011

One Piece 636 Spoilers CONFIRMED (title: The General from the Future Nation)

One Piece 636
Finally, the CONFIRMED Prediction Spoiler is here!

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One Piece 636

One Piece 636
Title : The General from the Future Nation
Verification : Confirmed Spoiler
Credits : Aohige

first half
coverart: Drun island Sakura Kingdom peacekeeper squad (Dolton and the Rapans are shown. The Rapan rabbits are soldiers)

Luffy asks Surume to protect the princess
Daruma uses his move to make a trap (hole in the ground) and Brachiotank gets stuck in it
Franky came to rescue it, but he and his bike falls in the trap too
Usopp, Chopper, Nami gets out of the tank, and it combines and transforms with the bike into Iron Pirates General Franky
Vegapunk's dream was realized by Franky using the Wapometal
Nami's new move Sorcery Klima-tact (Small weatherballs appear from the klima-tact and created a gush of wind)
Usopp also fights with the green star. Bamboo Javelin!
Daruma digs in the ground creating holes all over the plaza, but Chopper can also dig the ground and move around
He can transform into six different forms without even using the Rumble balls.

Hody orders Surume to squeeze Shirahoshi to death. It seems he managed to put Surume under his control by threatening to kill his brother.
Surume is troubled, and cannot make up his mind. He's thinking about Luffy's words "Let me protect that too!"
Luffy heads to Hody. Ikaros and Dossun tries to stop them, but Zoro and Sanji blows the two away
Hody is distracted for a second, and Luffy lands an attack!
Luffy: I'm getting riled up!

Finally... the ark of Noah came flying.
Neptune: That ark must not be moved until the fated day comes!!!
(Noah is not supposed to be moved until the day comes when it's supposed to?)


T wonders if Noah is related to the ancient weapons.

some clarification by the other poster who posted literally seconds before T

- coverart, Dolton and the Rapan soldiers are reading newspaper
- Nami's new move is Gust Sword
- Chopper stops Daruma underground using Horn Poiont. He looks nothing like the one before
Of the seven forms he has, he can transform into six of them without the use of rumble balls
Chopper: I'm an impertinent monster!
Chopper vs Daruma

Luffy: You were obeying him to protect your brother? Let me protect him too!
Zoro vs Dosun
Sanji vs Ikaros

Luffy is pissed, and kicks Hody! Hody cannot see Luffy's motion.

Oh god Hody. You're sooooooooooo screwed.

Be it a spoiler or just predictions,  I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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