Aug 22, 2011

Naruto 552 Confirmed Spoilers Raw Scans Predictions Spoilers

Naruto 552
Title: The Truth Untold

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Naruto 552: Spoilers Naruto 552: Raw Scans

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Naruto 552: The Truth Unfolds
Verification : Prediction Spoiler

Bee is being slammed to the ground by Nagato, “this path cannot be conquered by any jutsu you use 8 tails!”

“Fire phoenix jutsu!”
Nagato, “water style: wall of safety!”

A huge wall of water forms out of the vapor in the air stopping the flaming bird and turning into steam.
Itachi, “you are quit trouble some, Nagato.”
Nagato, “I don’t mean to be old friend, not in the least. You have to figure a way to stop me.”
Nagato releases Bee and jumps back, “prepare yourselves..mutli element style: deadly storm!”
Suddenly clouds form lightning strikes and hail begins to fall.
The hail is falling rapidly and it is huge, Itachi is being beaten up by it but his body is repairing itself.
Bee is taking much damage.

Kabuto in his Hideout, “uh oh, I don’t wanna kill him, I gotta catch him.”
The jutsu is stopped, bee is leaning on Samehada then falls down completely.
Itachi, “that is quit enough Nagato, I have to end you.”
Nagato, “you have to seal me, you know that or kill Kabuto.”
Itachi, “I can seal you with the Totsuka(??), as I did Orochimaru.”
Nagato, “it won’t work your not fast enough!”

“I am fast enough!”
They both look to see.
Naruto, “hey Nagato, Itachi, Uncle Bee can you get up?”
Bee, “yeah fool, I don’t need no rescue!”
He sits up, but doesn’t stand.

Nagato, “Naruto I am afraid, at this level, you won’t be able to defeat me the same way.”
Naruto, “I didn’t plan it, Nagato. By the way, why is your hair red now?”
Nagato, this is my natural hair color, the color of the Uzumaki, our clan.”
Naruto, “you’re an Uzumaki?! Well I guess I should end this quickly so we can have talk.”
Nagato raises his hand towards them, “scatter, it is coming! Shinra Tensei!”
Itachi disperse into crows and Bee is hit but holds onto Samehada and tentacles bury themselves in the dirt.

Nagato, “where is Naruto?”
“Right here.”
Before Nagato can turn around.
“Rasengan, uppercut!”
He uses a rasengan in an uppercut motion sending him flyin straight up.

Nagato, ...damn
Naruto appears above him coming down, “double rasengan slam!”
He shoves 2 rasengan into Nagato’s torso, sending him crashing down.

Itachi looking, “I can’t see him until he actually appears, I have no idea where he is or going to be. Naruto, have you become Konoha’s New Yellow Flash?”
Bee, “well I’ll be an ass, I don’t even see a flash!”

Nagato is in several pieces, “it’s not enough, time is runnin out!”

“Konoha seal barrier!”
Kabuto, “no! that bastard!”
Nagato, “you did it Naruto, but how, how did you become so fast?”
Naruto, “I made a promise to my Mom to be better than my dad, the 4th Hokage, Minato Namekaze!”
Nagato, “Kushina would be proud.”
Naruto, “you know my mother?”
Nagato, “of course I do, we Uzumaki know of Mito & Kushina the Jinks of the Hidden Leaf!”
Naruto, “what?”
Itachi, “I didn’t know you knew of the previous Jink of the Leaf village?”
Nagato, “yes, I did a long time ago, but unfortunately I can’t tell you about it. You have a war to fight and a mad man to stop Naruto.”
Naruto, “right, I will talk to you later, okay cousin Nagato?”

Nagato, {cousin, he is so quick to befriend someone and make them his family, never change Naruto.}
Walking down a path.
Itachi, “a stranger came out an attacked you? That is how you managed to surpass your father?”
Naruto, “yeah kinda weird huh? He forced me to survive, to think faster than I ever had before it was quit an experience.”
Bee, “ooh boy now you shining, get better or die trying”

Naruto, “so big brother Itachi, where to now?”
Itachi, “I must find Sasuke. He is probably being kept in one of our underground camps to heal form surgery, I am sure he has my eyes by now”
“Yes he does, and he is almost ready.”
Naruto, “relax it’s the guy that helped me. What are you doing here?”
Stranger, “it is time the truth be revealed.”

The stranger takes off his hood.
It is an older man it spiked grey hair similar to the 4th but a bit longer.
Naruto, “hey, who are you and why do..”
Itachi, “you have the Rinnengan.”
A close up of his face shows a RG.
Stranger, “I am a sage from many years back, I am here to reveal the truth to you Naruto, and others”

“Who is this man with RG? Is he really friend or a new Akataski threat?”

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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  1. Too bad Nagato as being Uzumaki is out of the question, Nagato parents died from the hands of Konoha ninja which means his parents are not ninja at all , that would seems make sense if u watch the previous couple episode at Pain arc..

  2. He actually is an uzumaki. Madara said in a previous chapter that he is a Descendant. of the clan, he has the trade mark red hair.

  3. nagato is sealed already...


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