Aug 31, 2011

Naruto 553 Spoilers CONFIRMED (title : To Reach the Main Battlefield)

Naruto 553
Here is the CONFIRMED Spoiler
Title : To Reach the Main Battlefield

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Naruto 553
Title : To Reach the Main Battlefield
Verification : Confirmed Spoiler
Credits: Mintti
From : NF
(This is a Baidu Translation of the Japanese script.)

Naruto attacks Mu from the back with a plantery(?) rasengan

Garaa: Naruto?

Muu dodges the attack.

Onooki: Muu is a sensory-ninja!

Naruto: Gaara! Your sand!

Gaara: !!

Gaara releases his sand, Muu gets ready to attack.

Naruto rides on the sand.

Muu: I see... using the sand to approach me. I can dodge it, my ninjutsu is faster.

Naruto's hand(? RM hands maybe?) extends.

Muu: It extended!

Onooki: Good!

The attack hits Muu's abdomen.

Muu: This spiraling!! (describing rasengan?)

Naruto: Uwahhh! Rasengan!

Muu is blown back and uses a doton technique. His hands grew heavy and stops him from being blown back.

Muu: who hated other villages is actually working well with them.

Onooki: When you live long enough, anything is possible.

Gaara's sand catches Muu.

Muu: Careful... I'm... (Muu is sealed?)

Naruto: Yeah, that's Gaara for you. That old man is good too!

Onooki: I am the tsuchikage afterall.

Garaa: Why are you on the battlefield?!

Naruto: Yeah… about that.

Garaa: Can you convince me?

Shikadad:He can't so let me explain. I'm Shikaku, Tsuchikage and Kazekage are battling so we didn't have time to explain.

Onooki:The battle has not ended, sum it up for us.

Clam man:...bah, you guy's don't feel like winning? I'm…really…just way too strong?(more trolling)

Alliance fodder:Ouch, oww... so many of us has fallen.

??:I see, only naruto can deal with zetsu's transformation... but I was a Jinchuuriki so I know… your kyuubi chakra… is it okay to use them like this?

Naruto: ...

Garaa: ...

Naruto: I won't die before I become the hokage! Don't underestimate me even if you are the Kazekage!

Onooki: ...

Naruto: I'll attack the battlefield from the right! Oldman and Garaa take the left!

Fodder A:I can't feel anything with my attacks!

Fodder B:We can't cause him any damage!!

Edo Raikage recovers quickly.

Temari:I'll have to use my fastest windcutter jutsu.

A ninja appears infront of Temari.

Edo Raikage:Earth elements…?(Someone new? I got no clue how to translate names.)

Root 1:Yes…… Sandaime Raikage endurance surpasses his speed and attack power but he lacks long range attacks.

Temari:I'm a fairly proficient fuuton user but... how did he die?

Root 1:He protected a comrade and fought 10000 people by himself to allow his comrade to escape...for 3 days without rest.

Kabuto:While summoning "him"…I'll have him buy me some time.


Temari:Honestly, I don't think theres anyone in the Alliance that surpasses me in futon…

Naruto: There is!

Temari: !!

Naruto: That's me!


Zetsu: Stop! What's happening?!

Zetsu:Some is piercing in... and black flames are emerging from it!

Zetsu: GWahhhhh!

Sasuke: I'll test it more...

A new Susanoo behind Sasuke.

Sasuke: These eyes... they see well in darkness.

*Rough translation, don't take it too serously, heh heh.
*Credits to FireVillage from Baidu.

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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