Aug 31, 2011

Bleach 462 Spoilers CONFIRMED (title: Why Am I Sad)

Bleach 462
The Confirmed Spoiler is finally here!
Title: Why Am I Sad

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Bleach 462 : Why Am I Sad
Verification : Confirmed Spoiler

Hitsugaya explains that the shinigami agent laws
were created because of Ginjou.

Inoue comes running and is crying.

She was sad because Kurosaki-kun was crying.

She then notices the other shinigami.

Chad arrives. To him it appears they came to take down Ginjou.

Tsukishima: "Is there a question regarding your past?"

Inoue gasps, frightened.

Chad is also nervous.

Urahara and Isshin come from behind and knock out Inoue and Chad.

The other fullbringers gather.

Yukio: You promised to share that power with everyone!

Only Riruka didn't want Ichigo's power. (She really didn't know.)

Ginjou cuts down the other fullbringers. (He separates Ichigo's power(?))

The end

Be it a confirmed spoiler or just a fanfic prediction, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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