Aug 29, 2011

Naruto 553 Confirmed Spoilers Raw Scans Predictions Spoilers

Naruto 553
Here is a prediction spoiler for your to enjoy.
Naruto 553: A New Direction

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Naruto 553
Title: A New Direction
Verification : Prediction Spoiler (FanFic)
Credits : The Special One

(From behind Muu, Naruto tears into the scene with intense determination. Muu catches the sound of the charging Rasengan in back, making him tilt his head in the direction of Naruto. In an instant, Muu vanishes into thin air, much to the shock of Naruto. Due to Muu’s concentration being broken, Tsuchikage is freed from the paralysis. Naruto lands to the ground and regroups with Gaara and Tsuchikage much to their dismay.)

Tsuchikage: “I don’t know whether to thank ya or give ya a lecture.”

Gaara: “Why Naruto? Haven’t you realized-,”

Naruto: “Not now! This guy has some crazy power. But I can help… I can read that jutsu of his.”

(Both Tsuchikage and Gaara are amazed. The scene switches over to where the allied shinobies pressed their luck with the 3rd Raikage. Right as the dust settles, Temari and the sealing team close in on their target. The target is stagnant, however, is short-circuiting everywhere. Temari is first to grasp the situation.)

Temari: “It’s a Raiton clone!” (Seconds later, the 3rd Raikage appears just feet from Temari’s left. He’s engulfed in Raiton shroud.)

3rd Raikage: “That’s correct little one. I apologize for this…”

(Temari gets a chill sent down her spine. Before the 3rd Raikage can close the distance any further and utterly shatter Temari’s face, the 3rd Raikage’s fist collides into the flat side of Samehada. It’s none other than Killer Bee, who has successfully parried his Godfather’s attack with both hands firmly grasped upon the hilt. The 3rd Raikage’s onslaught has been stopped much to the shock and awe of all parties witnessing.)

3rd Raikage: “Bee?!” (As the shroud of the 3rd Raikage is absorbed into the Samehada, Bee, who grips his hilt tightly with both hands, strengthens his grasp with his right hand, slides his left hand off the hilt of his sword and places it along the backside of the blade near the top. Bee, using the momentum from a twist, manages to slip the 3rd Raikage’s fist off the blade and whack him upside the head with the top edge of the Samehada. The 3rd Raikage coughs up spit.

The scene focuses on forested area. A crow lands on a branch and scopes out the area. It notices nothing, so flies away. The scene switches over to a very hostile environment. Sparks jumping off clashing steal flicker in and out all over the battle torn terrain as ninja all over clash with the golems, one particular fight, however, is given special attention. A huge spark of ration erupts from a clash between Kakashi, wielding the Raiton induced head heaving cleaver, and Ringo, wielding his trademark twin swords into an x position to firmly grasp Kakashi’s sword in place. Kakashi, however, notices a crow, which just happens to pass by.)

Kakashi (in thought): “Bizarre…” (The scene switches over to Akatuski’s fort. A crow sits on the large skeleton that stands in front. It then spots a figure exiting one of the corridors of the fort. The crow speeds off towards the figure’s direction. The crow notices that it’s Sasuke. The crow slows its flight and descends near his feet. Sasuke kneels down and interestingly commits a stare off with the animal. The crow winks its eye at him, much to the shock of Sasuke. The crow hops on Sasuke’s shoulder, looks him in the eye one more time, and flies away as Sasuke returns to his feet.)

Sasuke: “Did that just happen, or am I hallucinating? Could be a side effect from having ‘his’ eyes… I may need more time adjusting to my new powers.”

(The scene switches over to Kabuto’s location. He’s gathering chakra.)

Kabuto (in thought): “I’ve exhausted a lot of my chakra… I may have to release some of my control over the golems in order to bring “him” out. Must keep the tailed beasts busy, however…”

(Kabuto notices that something’s off… Kabuto’s highly improved senses points his head in a direction towards a high up branch. Kabuto sweats knowing that he’s locking eyes with a crow, the crow has veins going through its glaring eye. Kabuto then blinks his eye, in an instant, it’s gone. The scene switches over to a high up cliff overlooking the forested areas. Itachi stands tall near the edge of a mountain. A murder of crows can be seen patrolling the skies up above him…)

Itachi: “The die has been cast…”

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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