Aug 30, 2011

Bleach 462 Spoilers, Confirmed Spoiler, Predictions

Bleach 462
Title: Shinagami Agent vs Shinagami Agent

Bleach 462 Confirmed Spoilers   Bleach 462Predictions
Bleach 462 Spoilers  Bleach 462 Raw Scans

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Bleach 462
Title : Shinigami Agent vs Shinigami Agent
Credits : jackdi
Verification : Fanfic Prediction
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coverpage: The Fullbringers: Ginjo, Riruka, Jacke, Giriko, Yukio, Tsukishima and Shishigawara all standing scattered in a big living room. And Chad and Inoue sitting on a sofa.  Ichigo on the door.

Ginjo is still standing on air with the bigger version of the Cross of Scaffold.  He is still shocked with how powerfull the Getsuga Tenshou is.

He thought of running away.  But he changed his mind because Ichigo will still be able to catch him with ease.

Ichigo is still having a chat with Hitsugaya & Renjie.

Byakuya cuts-in, "Ichigo, do not waste our reitsu.  Or else, you will be dancing with Senkei."

"Hey weakling.  If you dont want to fight him, tell me.  I have not been able to stretch my muscles for quite a long time."  Kenpachi grins.

Ichigo grins back at the Captains.

Ponk!  Rukia knocked  his head off.  "What are you smilin' for?!  Go you slowpoke!"

"Shall we start Ginjo?"

Ichigo leaps with a slight swing of this zanpakuto.  Ginjo was able to anticipate the move and stopped the sword strike.

"Training you had paid off.  You are still using the same moves.", Ginjo is smiling.

"Huh?!"  Ichigo stares at him.

"Right now, you might be more powerful than I am.  But I can see through your movements."  Ginjo deflected the every sword slash from Ichigo.  And again... and again.

On the third clash of their sword, Ginjo kicked Ichigo in the sides with his left leg.
Ichigo fell to the ground with a big bang.

Ginjo went after him and landed on the ground.  His face is almost laughing at how he stiken Ichigo to the ground.

"Your Getsuga is powerful.  But I needs to be a distant from its target to work effectively.  You still cannot beat me with close combat."

Ginjo picks up Ichigo by his shirt and punched him in the stomach twice.
Ichigo spit blood.  And then Ginjo throws him away.

"I dont need my sword the crush you."  Ginjo put back his fullbring sword to its necklace form.

But Ichigo did not fell down on his knees.
He  just flipped a bit and he is back on his feet again.

"Oh yeah?" , Ichigo with grin in the face.

He put his Zangetsu on his back.
And then he jumped at Ginjo.

Ginjo was caught off-guard with a fist on his face.
He fought back ang hit Ichigo in the face also.

Ichigo hit him back.

The scene is becoming a slugfest.  Blood coming out from both men.

Eventhough his nose is bleeding, Ginjo was smiling for a sec.
But he saw Rukia ang Renjie smiling as well.
He got puzzled.

Ichigo grabbed him by the neck and bashed his forehead against Ginjo's.

"How is it Ginjo?  Are you enjoying this fight?", said Ichigo

"Huh!?!  What do you mean?", Ginjo  is still thinking what Ichigo wants to do.

"You were a Shinagami Agent once.  You should know what I mean." , Ichigo grinned.
"Now now, shall we begin with the real fight between Shinagami Agents?"

- - end of episode - -

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Bleach 462 : Shinigami Agent vs Shinigami Agent 
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Note:  I did this fanfic prediction myself.  This is my second time doing this.  So guys, be gentle.  Whether if this has worth or not, if you intend to copy and publish this in your own websites, please have the courtesy to ask first.  Thank you.

Be it a confirmed spoiler or just a fanfic prediction, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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