Aug 17, 2011

Naruto 551 Spoiler CONFIRMED (title: Stop Nagato!)

Naruto 551
The CONFIRMED Spoiler is here!
Naruto 551: Stop Nagato!

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Naruto 551 : Stop Nagato!
Source: NF
Verification : Confirmed
Credits: Yagami1211

Nagato's Rinnegan used properly.

Nagato catched Naruto.

Naruto : This is ... What is that jutsu ?
( Pulling Jutsu ... Thrust away jutsu ... Summoning Jutsu ...
Absorbing Ninjutsu ... )
You used every Pain jutsu but ... I don't know this ooooooone ! RASENGAN !

Rasengan is absorbed.

Naruto : Dammit, of course. I just confirmed myself he could do that just one second before.
You failed me, brain. Nagato ! What the hell is that jutsu ? Tell me !

Nagato : ...

Naruto : ( It's no use, he's completly under control. )

Nagato : Jigokudou/Hell Realm !

From the ground comes Enma.

Naruto : ( This is ... The jutsu of the pain who could resurrect. )
What are you planning ?

Kabuto : ( I was planning to suck up his soul with Human Path, but ...
I'd rather use Hell Real so I can separate his soul and hide his body
I must make the Jinchuurikis my own before Madara finds out.

Naruto's soul is coming out.
Naruto : Dammit, my soul is coming out ! This is no chakra absorbing !

Bee attack !

Nagato : Shuradou !

Bee : ( Did he summoned a puppet ? )

Naruto : I'm losing my power.

Bee : He does haves a lot of hands.

Bee : Naruto, remember what you did with Kyuubi.
Nagato tries to blast Bee with Shuradou.

Itachi goes Big Damn Heroes with Susano'o.

Kabuto : Right, there is still something I want.


Naruto : Saved ! Thank you, Itachi !
Bee : What the hell is that Ninjutsu ?
It seems hella strong.

Naruto : The 6 paths of Pain can use the power of Rikudou Sennin. Of course he's hella strong.
And this time he's immortal and he got his old body back.
We're way outta our league !

Itachi : He's coming.

the gravity black hole fly into the sky.

Itachi : This black sphere ... It's seems there a lot of gravity in it.

Bee : What is going ...

Naruto : Uwah ! He used that on me last time too. This is bad, really bad.
Listen to me. If we eat this, we're dead. BIG TIME.

Itachi : Hey, Naruto.

Naruto : What ?

Itachi : He used that on you ? Then why are you still alive ?

Naruto : ...

Bee : Hahahaha. Then it's Okay !

Naruto : No time to laugh. Why are you still having a straight face ?
If we're catched, we won't be coming out.
That's how powerful it is.
Last time, the Kyuubi was going berserk ... so ...

Itachi : It's not about being straight. It's about taking time to analyze.
At the center of this, there is that black ball that Nagato launched.
I say we use our strongest long range ninjutsu at the same time.

Naruto : I'm not really sure I can aim in that situation.

Itachi : Even if you don't aim, shoot !
The gravity black ball will pull our jutsu into the center.
Every jutsu haves its weakpoint.

Bee : Hachibi, on the road !

Naruto : Then, me too !

Itachi : Yasaka no Magatama !

Naruto : Fuuton - Rasenshuriken !

Bee : Bijuudama !

Nagato : Sorry about that, Itachi.

Itachi : Are you all right ? It's the Totsuka Sword.
Any last word ?

Naruto : I'm going to join our master. It's too bad I won't be here to follow your story.
Your the last part of the Trilogy.
The 1st part was Jiraiya's. It was perfect.
The 2nd part was mine, and it wasn't that good.

Naruto : ...

Nagato : Make our master proud. Make the last episode a masterpiece so we will forget about the 2nd one.
Naruto !

Nagato is sealed by Totsuka Sword.


Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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