Aug 17, 2011

Bleach 460 Spoilers CONFIRMED (title: Deathberry Returns 2)

Bleach 460
Finally, it's time to read the CONFIRMED Spoiler.
Title: Deathberry Returns 2

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Bleach 460 : Deathberry Returns 2
Credits:  Sheetz @ FLOL
Verification: Confirmed

A strong pulsation rocks the atmosphere!!

Ichigo’s revealed from a cloud of dust.

Scatches will pass…but bonds do not.

Ginj:..What…the hell..

460 Deathberry Returns2

Ichi: …Rukia

Ruk: …Yes, it’s been a long time…Ichigo. In the short time I’ve not seen you you look like you’ve gotten stronger.

Rukia kicks him in the face.

Ruk: And so it’s unacceptable!!

Ichi: Ouch!!

Ruk: Crying like that!! Once I stop watching over you you become a sniveling coward!! Pathetic!!

Ichigo has a funny, punched in face w/ bloody nose.

Rukia:..I heard about Tsukishima’s abilities from Urahara. “Paiting over the past” is indeed a frightening ability, I would image. But, what’s that!

Ichigo makes a face.

Ruk: No matter how much your past is changed, he can’t change your future! If you lose your bonds, you can just build them up again. Isn’t that right, Ichigo!

Ichi makes a face then stiffens back up.

Ichi:…Rukia…Will you listen? My past…wasn’t even really changed…!

Rukia waves her sword. Don’t make light of things like that!

Ichi: Watch it!! That’s dangerous!! We haven’t seen each other in so long you should lighten up!!

Ruk: It’s a joke! This sword doesn’t have a blade.

Ichigo…Then what is that sword?

Ruk:…It’s a sword Urahara prepared for you. With this I was once again able to pass shinigami powers onto you…!

Ginj: Ha! That’s absurd! Just because he looks like a shinigami his shinigami powers have returned? The first time you successfully transferred shinigami powers to him because he already had shinigami powers in him. But this time that isn’t shinigami powers!

I’ve ripped them out by the roots…!

From that zero state, you alone couldn’t put your reitsu into it to return Ichigo’s powers!!

Renji: Idiot!! It wasn’t Rukia alone!!

Renji, Byakuya, Hitsugaya, Kenpachi, and Ikkaku appear. (There might also somebody behind Kenpachi, but they’re facing backwards so we can’t see their face.)

Renji: All of us put our reiatsu into that sword! She wouldn’t be able to return the reiatsu of somebody like Ichigo.

Ichi: Renji…Byakuya…Toushirou…Kenpachi..Ikkaku!


Ruk:… So you’re Ginjou? The power you stole is just the top layer of the Ichigo’s agglutinated fullbring powers. Shinigami powers gush forth from Ichigo’s insides. Someone like you wouldn’t be able to exhaust them in the least! Ichigo! They don’t know that this degree of despair isn’t enough! You’ve already passed thru this amount of!

Have a look, Ichigo! In despair your feet are unable to stay still!


Ginjou: !

Ichigo swings his sword and lets loose an attack. Ginjou avoids it.

Ginjou: Ha! The power of Getsuga Tenshou has certainly increased, but to that degree? Your aim is off! You’ll never kill me with something like that, Kurosaki!

Ichigo sneaks up behind Ginjou…You idiot! That wasn’t a Getsuga, it was sword pressure.

Ichigo goes super saiyan.

Ginjou: What…what’s that reiatsu!!!

Ichigo: Getsuga Tenshou.

The Getsuga goes around Ginjou’s head.

The end.

Be it a confirmed spoiler or just a fanfic prediction, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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