Jul 22, 2011

Samsung SCX-4623FW : problem with configuring it wirelessly

My Boss has just purchased new PSC Printers. As per my suggestion, he bought two sets from two different brands: a Canon Pixma MX350 and a Samsung SCX-4623FW. Both got the PSC capabilities, the print-scan-copy thingy. And we got an old HP P1102w as well. Three brands... to me this is a good mix. At least, when one breaksdown and the customer service sucks, office operations can still go on.

I was able to install the Canon Pixma with ease using their installer disk. And since this is a wireless enable printer, I've also installed this on my offimates' computers. No sweat...

Now comes the Samsung SCX-4623FW...

Samsung SCX-4623FW is a wireless enabled printer as well.  I have tried to install it in my computer - three times for two hours! And all I got was a print-to-file option. :( So I decided to install it on my colleague's computer. I thought it must be my operating system. I'm using Vista and they are using XP. But... I got the same results... print-to-file! Can somebody help me on how to install this Samsung SCX-4623FW printer on our wireless network?!?

I gave-up on the install disc. I ditched the manual as well. I have tried calling the customer service and they just told me that they will call back in 48 hours.

Samsung SCX-4623FW printer How to install on a wireless network unable to install wireless Samsung Printer

I tried to check it from their website. Maybe somewhere somehow I missed something right under my nose. Nothing! hey have the all the pictures, specs and the common blah-blah-blahs. As what I've seen in the website, this printer - Samsung SCX-4623FW must have been conceptualized with a mission of answer this question:"Is there a printer that will make me feel connected? Get together". They must be joking.  I cannot even connect it to the computers in the office for my Boss's sake!

I tried to Google things up. And all I found was that most people had given up and dropped the printer back to Samsung.

Now the next question is... should I follow their lead and drop this Samsung SCX-4623FW printer back to where I purchased it? What a waste of time.

Up until now, I am still trying to figure out this problem. My head tells me that there must be something I missed...

Think.... think... think!

Hey guys! If you got an idea on how to deal with this, please drop me a line will you? Thanks.


Now-now!  Hear the good news!  I finally found-out a way to rectify this issue : the SOLUTION to our problem!

I have put up a "Step-by-Step" procedure in CORRECTLY installing the Samsung SCX-4623FW Printer on a wireless network.  I had to make a lot of screen shots so that the installation would not fail.

For the preview, the most important part of the installation process is Selecting the Wireless Network.  This is step 4 in my post.

Click here to solve your problem in installing and configuring Samsung SCX-4623fw on a wireless network.

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