Jul 26, 2011

One Piece 633 Confirmed Spoilers Predictions Raw Scans

One Piece 633
The Prediction Spoiler is here!
One Piece 633: Long Live

One Piece 633 Confirmed Spoilers  One Piece 633 Predictions
One Piece 633 Spoilers  One Piece 633 Raw Scans

One Piece 633 Confirmed Spoilers 633, One Piece Predictions 633, 634 Spoilers, 634 Raws Manga 634

One Piece 633

One Piece 633 Confirmed Spoilers  One Piece 633 Predictions
One Piece 633 Spoilers  One Piece 633 Raw Scans

One Piece 633 : Long Live
Verification : Prediction Spoiler
Credits : Blackleg Sanji

PG 1

Flying Pirate: Captain, how come the ship is moving so slowly?
Vander Decken:Because its the biggest thing i've ever thrown. I think. My curse allows me to throw anything i touch and at any target i choose. But up until now, I've never thrown something so much bigger than me because the bigger the object, the slower it'll go.
Flying Pirate: soooo it'll stay that slow?

PG 2
Vander Decken: Bahohohoho!!! No way in hell idiot. The closer it gets to Shirahoshi, the faster it'll get.
Flying Pirate: wont Jones be mad?
Vander Decken:*grins*

PG 3
Vander Decken:*does pose* Who cares about that psyco? It's time we go back to looking out for ourselves. I think.
Flying Pirates:*stand as a group as he does this*YEEAAHH!!!

PG 4

Gyoncorde Plaza
Hody Jones: you knew? What the hell do you mean you knew?
Shirahoshi: I cant explain it myself really. It was back when you held that human you accused up.
Shirahoshi:*starts to cry*his heart was yelling wat his body was too weak to say. *remembers what she heard* "I didnt kill your queen! You have to believe me!" He kept saying that he was being framed by a member of the army.
Hody Jones: *grins*

PG 5
Hody Jones: you hear that men? The princess here knew all along that a human didnt kill her annoying mother, but a member of her own guard.
Zeo: It must've been hard to trust anyone but her own family with that kind of info.
Hody Jones: indeed. But enough about the past, its time to start living for the present.

PG 6
Shirahoshi:*tears up some more* Father.... big brothers.....
Jinbe: they are going to be safe princess. Dont worry.
Daruma: Hey Captain, cant we just kill these 4 already?
Hody Jones: hhmm, I dont they should die just yet. Perhaps you can kill Jinbe.
Daruma: *eagerly*really?

PG 7
Zeo: truelly "gnashing" on his flesh should keep you quite full Daruma.
Daruma: damn right it would.

PG 8
Hody Jones:*glares*what's so funny?
Jinbe: *smiling*you havent changed a bit Jones. Even with all this newfound power, you're still just a weak soilder who cant do anything but pour your own hatred onto others.
Hody Jones: *growls*weak?
Surume/ New Fishman Pirates:*get frightened slightly*

PG 9
Hody Jones:*gets up and walks to Jinbe. He picks him up by his collar* Who the hell do you think your calling weak? I am about to bring the world to its rightful place. You are the one chained and beaten. Those damn royal family punks are up there waiting to be executed.

PG 10
Hody Jones: Everything has been to my design. I am going to be a god of the World of Fishman. *slams him on the ground and steps on his chest*
Jinbe:*coughs blood*
Shirahoshi: Boss Jinbe!!

PG 11
Hody Jones:*standing over him*Jahahaha!!! Instead of trying to mock me Boss Jinbe, you should be praising my name! Come on say it! "Long live Hody!!!"
Hody Jones:*grins*

PG 12
Jinbe:*full page face shot* "Strawhat" Luffy!!!

PG 13
Fishman citizen:what did he say?
Fishwoman citizen: why would he say that?
Neptune: Jinbe......
Shirahoshi:*grins*Boss Jinbe.

PG 14
Hody Jones:*glares over to her and kicks her aside*
Shirahoshi:*skids back and is knocked unconcious*aahh!!
Hody Jones:*his back is to Jinbe*Long live "Strawhat" Luffy?

PG 15
Hody Jones:*turns to Jinbe and looks at him with Sea King eyes* Consider that your last statement Jinbe!!
Jinbe:*looks at him nonchalently*
Hody Jones:*raises his arm as it waters up*

PG 16
Hody Jones:*brings his fist down like a hammer*Water Strike
Hody Jones:*whole body stops against his will for a minute*what the hell?
Dosun:Captain, someone's at the main entrance!! Zugan!!

PG 17
Hody Jones:*looks*thats....
Citizens/Pirates:"STRAWHAT" LUFFY!!!!
Luffy:*stands at the entrance with his arms folded and his hat shadowing his eyes*

PG 18
Zeo:I wonder where the rest of his crew is?
Daruma:I bet they are somewhere crying over their fallen commrades.
Left of the Plaza:*whole wall is sliced*
Right of the Plaza:*whole wall crumble into pieces*

PG 19

Citizen:Some huge attacks are nearby Strawhat.
Child: I think some people are coming mommy.
Zoro:*emerges from the sliced wall,being followed by Brook, Robin, and Franky*
Sanji:*emeges from crumbled wall, being followed by Chopper, Nami, and Usopp*

PG 20
Strawhat Pirates:*stand battle ready around their captain*
Hody Jones: well, well. You guys sure know how to make an entrance.

PG 21
Luffy:*vanishes and grabs Jinbe. Next Shirahoshi. Appears near the citizens and places them near Shirley* Please, take care of them.
Hody Jones:*surprised* so fast.
Luffy:*zips back to his original spot* Hody....

PG 22
Hody Jones:*glares*
Luffy:*looks at him with Haki induced eyes*I'm going to break all your bones.


P.S. sorry for the dark ending. Thought it was called for.

Be it a spoiler or just predictions,  I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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