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Naruto 549 Confirmed Spoilers Predictions Raw Scans

Naruto 549
Here is a prediction spoiler for your to enjoy.
Naruto 549 : Legends, New and Old

Naruto 549 : Confirmed Spoilers  Naruto 549 : Predictions
Naruto 549: Spoilers Naruto 549: Raw Scans
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Naruto 549 : Legends, New and Old
Verification : Prediction Spoiler
Credits : Jericho Uzumaki

Kabuto: “What?! No, no, no. Not now! I can’t use them with full control with everyone on the field right now. Naruto Uzumaki, you don’t know what you are interfering with right now! You we not supposed to meet them in this War. Dammit!”

We see Itachi’s face split half a page with Bee’ face on the other side. The next Page is the same way with Nagato & Naruto.

Bee, “That is Itachi the Uchiha scourge, villain of the Uchiha massacre?”

Itachi, “8 tails of the Cloud. You are older than I expected. I here you have the most control of you Bijuu, perhaps the most powerful of the Jinks due to your skill.”

Naruto, “Nagato, I am sorry that I must fight you again, but I cannot go easy on you, I cannot afford it this time. There is more at stake than just proving a point.”

Nagato, “understood, but the only way that we will fight you is if you attack us.”

Naruto, “what do you mean?”

Itachi, “It seems the wielder is spread too thin. He has too many of us to control completely. I gather most of are on our own so to speak.”

Nagato, “yes, we have our thoughts but our bodies react without our say so in battle.”

Naruto, “So what we just pass you by and that’s it?”

Bee, “we do that the next person might get whacked.”

Nagato, “it seems That is not an option, our master it seems knows of this meeting now. Sorry Naruto, defend yourself.”

Itachi, “hachibi, watch yourself.”

Bee steadies himself.

“Grand fire ball jutsu!”

A giant Bijuu hand blocks the fire ball.

Bee charges Itachi, then..

Naruto, “dammit…”

We see Oonki in the air with several Rock clones surrounding him.

(No there is no blind spot. But the problem is with his jutsu, every angle is a blind spot)

Smash (clone gets destroyed)

“What the hell? Dammit! Master I must use the jutsu I am sorry.”

Tsuchikage in hiding. “do what you must.”

Oonki, “first, combined clone summoning jutsu: Golem of War!”

All the rock clones do the summoning jutsu on the ground, the ground starts rumbling a huge sink hole occurs. A giant stone hand reaches up, then a huge head rises. A towering Golem surfaces from the hole.

Golem, “Oonki, you have aged, not well but you humans never do. What is it you need of me?”

Oonki, “I think you know old friend.”

Golem so It is time? You have chosen a successor? Actually, I have but first I have war to help win.”

Tsuchikage, “what are you doing? Why do you summon Fujiwara? He cannot see me any better than you can?”

Oonki, “he is not to battle you, he is to aid the others while I am detained. But first he has something to give me of mine, he has been holding it for quit sometime.”

Fujiwara, “Rock of Ages: Holding Technique. Lifetime release!”

Suddenly a huge stone tomb rises at the Golem’s feet. It opens a massive light showers Oonki.

As it hits Oonki..

“Tsuchikage, “what? Impossible, you are getting younger? I can feel immense chakra starting to flow through you!”

Oonki, ‘My summoning, actually was discovered quit uniqly, he summoned me when I was very young, right after I graduated form the academy. To us he was already a couple hundred years old, but for him he was as young as I.”

Oonki hair is now full and blonde he resembles a miniature Thor.

“Ever since I was a young boy I have been giving my chakra and life force to Fujiwara to store, along with it my knowledge of jutsu, my ability to perform them. In a sense I gave him a small piece of me for years. All to pass on to my successor. I knew that I would not be able to train anyone with everything i know due to death or time. This is my way of giving my power to the next Tsuchikage, my knowledge, and my greatest weapon and tools,”

A leather wrapped handled stone mace appears in his hand and a shell of rock armor covers his body, along with a small helmet on his head.

Tsuchikage, “what? I figured you were to weak to forge that armor and weapon now! The amount of chakra and earth manipulation is tremendous!”

Oonki, “I would be too weak master, IF I hadn’t stored so much with Fujiwara, I gave up this weapon and armor decades ago for him to keep til I was ready. I am only using a portion of what he was holding, when I am done with you….”

Small pebbles start swirling around the area. They start forming around a figure.

Slowly the Tsuchikage is appearing.

“I will give the rest of my life wisdom and chakra for the next Tsuchikage.”


“Lighting bull stampede!”

We see Nagato floating in air much like the Tsuchikage does. There are several big Bulls of Lightening charging Bee and Naruto.

Naruto steps in front of Bee, “I want to try something.”

Bee, “now it’s a game, time for you to try new things?”

He closes his eyes and he looks at the fox in his head, staring at him.

“Nine-tail Jinchuriki technique: Rasenclone Jutsu!”

A huge 9 tail fox appears with the same color and constitution of the Rasenshuriken. It is towering over the Bulls and battle field.

It roars at the bulls sending a huge rasenshuriken towards them destroying them all and dispersing right before it gets to Nagato.

Itachi{ This is Naruto now? I couldn‘t see his movements for that jutsu, it was like there was chakra going an coming form every angle. }

Naruto, “well what do you know it worked, funny I was just thinking a few months back when I learning sage mode, that if I can manipulate the shape, why does it have to be just a rasengan that I make it into? I combined shadow clone with nature and chakra then added transformation jutsu.

Kyubi, “Well, I guess you are an Uzumaki and the son of the 4th after all kid.

Suddenly Itachi Is right in front of him.

Itachi, “run Naruto”

Naruto, “Hokages do not run Itachi, I still have to face the problems ahead.”

Inside Itachi’s World, “ you should have ran, you are weak against my Genjutsu, you know this”

Naruto, “your right I am, but..”

Suddenly a voice, “Uchiha? Uchiha?!”

A huge paw grabs Itachi. The 9tails picks him up and pulls him close to his face.

Naruto, “..WE are not.”


Itachi, “ahhhh!!!”

He grabs his eyes.

Naruto, “okay, I don’t wanna push it.”

He goes out of RS and moments later into Sage Mode.
Nagato, “Summoning jutsu!”

A giant wild dog appears in front of the wind/chakra fox. They collide and tangle up in a fight.

“shadow clone jutsu, 5 paths style!”

5 shadow clone emerge with RG.

Itachi, “five?”

Nagato, “well there is no need for the resurrection path don’t you agree?”

Naruto looks on in Sage Mode.

“Naruto you must find someone to seal us in order to defeat us.”

The Hound is biting the neck of the fox. Naruto holds his hand up and the fox disperses.

Naruto, “I know, I have to restrain you.”

Itachi Is facing Bee, “prepare yourself.”

Bee steadies himself.

Naruto, “It’s time to go back to my roots but with something new!”

Nagato and a picture of Kabuto, “?”

Naruto goes out of Sage Mode and is in Base mode, “straight from the Naruto Ninja Hand book!”

He slams his hands together.

“An New Original Jutsu!”

What is Naruto doing?! HE ahs gone back to his Ninja Handbook. What could he be about to unleash, in this holds barred confrontation?!”

Next: “Original Jutsu of the Future Hokage“.

Be it a spoiler or just predictions, I will leave it all to you.  You be the judge of it.

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