May 3, 2011

Naruto 538 Confirmed Spoilers Predictions Raw Scans

Naruto 538

Naruto 538 : The Second Encounter
(Spoiler / Prediction)

Naruto 538 : Confirmed Spoilers
Naruto 538 : Predictions
Naruto 538 : Spoilers
Naruto 538 : Raw Scans

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Naruto 538
Naruto 538 : Confirmed Spoilers
Naruto 538 : Predictions
Naruto 538 : Spoilers
Naruto 538 : Raw Scans

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Naruto 538 : The Second Encounter
Verification : Spoiler/Prediction
Credits : saiyaman

[Scene shows Raikage and Tsunade preparing to leave HQ]

Tsunade: So what is your plan?
Raikage: I know how to handle Bee. I'll take care of the Kyuubi brat as well. You may as well stand aside.
Tsunade: We both know that you have no chance of stopping Naruto. First of all, he has a name. Second, he will not listen. 
Raikage: [looks furious] I don't care. I'll beat some sense into him the same way I did with that Uchiha traitor. His "friend" he said. How pitiable to think that such a dumb ninja exists in our world.
Tsunade: [shouts] I won't stand for anything said against my comrades Raikage! Your brother is equally guilty in this!
Shikaku: [looks apprehensive] Now Hokage-sama, Raikage-sama is this really the time to be fighting? We have received intel that Naruto and Killer Bee will be reaching the battlefield soon..
Raikage: Then what are we waiting for?!! Let's move! [Smashes his fist into a table breaking it] You will regret this brother!
Tsunade: [unimpressed] I would say you have a rather bad habit of breaking stuff....

[Scene switches to the battlefield. Chouji and Shikamaru are seen standing]

Chouji: What the heck was that Shikamaru? It took hits from both me and pop and still managed to blow everyone away.
Shikamaru: Let's say that it is Akatsuki's.....placeholder....for all the tailed beasts.

[Chouza comes to them]
Chouza: What did you say?!!
Shikamaru: That statue probably holds all the tailed beasts Akatsuki has captured till this point. We haven't seen anything yet considering that power. Although....
Chouza: Although what?
Shikamaru: It puzzles me. A single demon statue capable of eradicating villages at one stroke is not something to be kept hidden when a ninja war is going on.
Chouza: It should be something regarding Madara's fool plan. From what we heard about it from the Kages, Madara plans to awaken the Ten Tailed Beast Juubi using all tailed beasts in existence.
Shikamaru: If that happens then no one will be able to stop him. But if that statue is Madara's trump card why show it now? I have a feeling that Naruto and Killer Bee are heading here.
Chouza: What?! Surely No!
Chouji: Naruto? But he was supposed to be hidden.
Shikamaru: It makes sense when you think about it. The whole purpose of Madara's strategy was to capture the Hachibi and the Kyuubi. Madara wouldn't show himself unless he was sure that he could capture them.
Chouza: You are thinking too much here Shikamaru. The barrier squads are strong enough to prevent that.
Shikamaru: You don't know Naruto as we all do. And besides there is another Jinchuuriki. I'm not sure anymore.
Chouji: Shikamaru's right dad. Naruto doesn't let himself be put down by something like this. We should go check it out.
Chouza: I don't know about this....
Shikamaru: Just trust me on this. I can tell that it is about to be proven true.
Chouza: I hope you are wrong Shikamaru. Things are about to get ugly if you are right.

[Scene switches to Naruto and Killer Bee heading towards the battlefield]

Naruto: How far do we have to go?
Killer Bee: It's round the corner in a while. Might as well say Hello Bro!
Naruto: Huh? You missed a rhyme!
[Killer Bee stops and Naruto stands on the ground together. Facing them is the Raikage with Raiton armor around him]
Killer Bee: Fancy meetin' you here bro! We were just-

[Tsunade comes in front]
Naruto: Granny Tsunade....why are you here too?
Tsunade: Naruto you were supposed to stay at the island. I don't remember assigning you a mission to fight the war.
Naruto: [angry] They are all fighting because of me! How can I stay put? Captain Yamato was captured! I need to go and rescue him and make sure nothing else happens!

[An image of Sasuke with Sharingan comes into Naruto's mind]
Tsunade: [thinks] That Iruka.....looks like it's inevitable I suppose [speaks] Very well then. I shall come with you.
Naruto: Wha? No you can't!
Raikage: [closes his eyes] And just what gave you the idea that I will let you do that? Tsunade you are overstepping your position!
Killer Bee: No choice bro. We ain't got any choice than to leave and go.
Raikage: foolish child. Understand that what I'm doing is trying to protect you!
Naruto: We are going. Nothing you say will change that. 
Raikage: It will change brat! I'll take care of you the same way I took care of your friend!

[Raikage dashes forward to Naruto at high speed. Bee steps in the way with a "Wait a second bro-" but is pushed away by the Raikage's force.]

[Inner Hachibi voice: You're in big trouble Bee. Can you bring yourself to use me against your own brother?]

[Naruto creates a Shadow clone and steps out of the way as Raikage's kick misses him. The clone holds onto Raikage as Naruto finishes preparing a normal Rasengan and hits Raikage's face with it. The Rasengan disintegrates as Raikage strengthens his Raiton armor. The clone vanishes]

Raikage: That was pathetic. You hope to fight this war with that power? You look powerful but in the end you're the same old crybaby who begged for a despicable ninja's life!

[Naruto goes into sage mode and prepares a double gargantuan rasengan with two clones and switches to Rikudou mode]

Raikage: !

Killer Bee: Oh boy....

[Naruto grabs both clones and uses super speed to hit Raikage with both Rasengan's at the same time]

Tsunade: Naruto don't!

[Raikage is knocked back by the force of the hit but seems to have taken no damage as he stands up from amid many broken trees]

Raikage: [bares his teeth] As expected from the ninja who defeated the leader of Akatsuki. But you still don't compare to me boy! I gave my arm to capture your friend and kill him.

Naruto: I don't have time to waste. Let's end this!

[Killer Bee, Raikage and Tsunade look shocked as Naruto begins to form the Bijuu bomb]

[Inner Hachibi voice: Bee that's..!]

Killer Bee: [thinks] This is going out of control. I need to step in.

[Killer Bee steps in between Naruto and Raikage]

Killer Bee: This ain't the way bro! We ain't that type-

Naruto: I cannot stand while my friends give their lives. Stand aside!

Voice: That's enough Naruto. You can stop now.

[Naruto loses his half complete Bijuu bomb in shock and everyone turns to see Shikamaru holding a seal with immense concentration and sweat. Beside him stands Chouji with "butterfly mode" activated and ready]

Raikage: What?!

[Raikage discovers that he has been bound by the Shadow bind technique]

Raikage: I see. I can't believe someone like Shikaku's son could be so worthless.

Shikamaru: [shouts] Naruto! I cannot hold this for more than a few seconds! Madara has made his move! If you can move then move fast!

[Naruto goes into Rikudou mode and prepares to use flash step as Raikage begins breaking the shadow bind. Tsunade looks shocked and Killer Bee shows a good bye sign to his bro.]


Naruto 538
Verification : Spoiler/Prediction
Credits : Superninja

Madara: "Looks like I can finally complete my plan with the use of Kin and gin chakra. The Hachibi tentacle normally wouldn't be enough but I have found a way around it. Tonight I complete the moon eye plan!"
RM Naruto: "Not so fast!"
Madara: "You!? How did you find me?!"
RM Naruto: "I can feel the strong emotions with the use of my new improved kyuubi mode!"
Madara: "No matter, you will not stand in the way of the true peace!"
Killerbee: "Woa, you're faster than me. Wait till I catch my breath!"
Madara: "You fools! I've meant to spare you but since you've come to stop me you leave me no choice!"
Naruto: "I'll never forget what you've done for me, Killerbee!"
Sasuke enters
Sasuke: "Naruto!"
Sasuke: "So you've killed Madara. You have spared me the effort."
Naruto: "I've done it to protect the shinobi world Sasuke!"
Sasuke: "I just finished killing Kabuto myself!"
Naruto: "Then both Madara...and Kabuto..are dead."
Sasuke: "Brilliant as always. That leaves only one more thing."
Naruto: "If you still want to go against Konoha, I have to stop you!"
Sasuke: "So be it!"
Cut to grown up Konohamaru.

Konohamaru: "And that is the story about Naruto and Sasuke. It is said that even now, when the stormy clouds gather and lightning starts to dance, their spirits still fight against one another."

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